Hon’ble Cabinet Minister, Govt. Of Assam, Mr. Pijush Hazarika Visited MSSV, Guwahati Campus

Hon'ble Cabinet Minister, Govt. Of Assam, Mr. Pijush Hazarika Visited MSSV, Guwahati Campus


The cabinet minister of the Government of Assam for Water Resources, Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Pijush Hazarika visited the Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva University (MSSV) of Assam at its Guwahati Campus. He was there as a guest of Honour for the cultural program and the celebrations of the University. It was held at the university’s auditorium. 

Pijush Hazarika Enjoyed the Cultural Event

Being a part of this cultural event filled him with elation, and he expressed his happiness before the media. He acknowledged the talent and efforts of performing students of the Arts and Yogic Science departments. The program ended on a positive note.

Pijush Hazarika held a meeting on Academic and  Developmental Issues

At the end of the cultural event, the Cabinet Minister and Mr.Babul Bora along with  Dr. Shekhar Kanti Sarkar, Dy. Registrar (Administration) of the University had a meeting. The discussion was on various Academic and other Developmental issues of the University. The meeting took place in the Vice-Chancellor’s conference room for about half an hour. The Minister assured every possible help for the growth and development of the university which has been established in the name of the great saint Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankardeva. The man is in the heart of the people of Assam. Minister, Pijush Hazarika expressed great respect and gratitude towards the University. he also promised full support for its overall development. During the discussion, participants proposed and discussed several strategies that will aid the university’s growth in the near future.

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According to Dr. S K Sarkar, the success story of someone depends on the educational foundation and skills. So, the institution or the university has a major role to play in the story of success in life. With an aim to make MSSV that very foundation, all these parameters of discussions were held. The discussion also included the creation of a skill development center at this university. Placement of students after completion of the course of study was also a point of discussion which Sjt. Babul Bora raised.

Feedback and Suggestions for Improving the Education System

To begin with, an educational institution must have the best faculties and the university already has that to teach its students. With qualified lecturers on board, students will get a sense of confidence. They will start taking more interest in academics. Quality staff will make the classes more engaging, which will result in more students attending the classes. 

Secondly, the screening process of the lecturers must be thorough to ensure zero compromises on the quality of education. Besides this, Dr. S K Sarkar also opined that regular screening and monitoring of the students are equally important. There must be constant reviews of the performance of the students. Their results will be the biggest proof of how effectively the university is functioning and has been imparting education. Also, constant checks will help us know which areas need more attention, and where is the scope for improvement and development.

During the discussion, valuable feedback and suggestions were also exchanged regarding the improvement of the current education system. It is necessary for the elevation of the learning standards of the universities. The honorable minister proposed practical solutions to issues faced by higher education students, especially female students, during the discussion. As learning should never stop outside the classroom. So, for the students to be all-rounders, universities must be able to provide them with ample opportunities to learn and grow. The institution must introduce programs to encourage students to step out of the classrooms and involve in other activities as well. 

Everyone present there supported these ideas. There should be initiatives like organizing guardian’s meets, an online feedback registration system, etc. These will facilitate better learning and understanding to bridge the gaps of all forms. Besides, the university should also think about different ways to incorporate technology in existing teaching methods for advanced development.

Incorporating Technology and State-of-the-Art Facilities for Better Engagement

State-of-the-art facilities are the need of the hour in almost every educational institution. The inclusion of more technology means more engagement from the students. Best equipment, computers, and social media interactions are some of the easiest ways to do it. 

The Government of Assam also backed these strategies. Hope these changes will be implemented soon and the university will be seen in an all-new light. 

The Hon’ble Minister Pijush Hazarika also told that the Assam Govt. is always in support of this university as was there from the establishment of the university at Nagaon. The meeting ended with a note of thanks from the Dy. Registrar(Admin) of MSSV Dr. Shekhar Kanti Sarkar and gratitude to the Minister for his visit and the time he gave to the university.

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