Hobbs and Shaw 2 : Everything Disclosed So Far

Hobbs and Shaw 2
Hobbs and Shaw 2

The Fast and Furious franchise is possibly the most known movie franchise of all time. Now, to add to the fun, we had Hobbs and Shaw way back in 2019. This was a great consolation for the fans who really like the Fast and Furious movies. This movie had all the normal usual things we find in the Fast franchise.

There were flashy cars, amazing actors and dramatic action sequences. Plus, it lead to pair one of the best on-screen partnerships of all time. There was Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson. It was directed by David Leitch and lead to earn about $790 million in the box office. There were a lot  who fell in love with the movie and many who felt that it was a miss. But, notwithstanding that we are highly excited for the sequel, which is coming out. Therefore, here is everything that you need to know about it.

Hobbs and Shaw 2: Is it going to Be out?

The real question, People have been asking whether the talks of another movie is true or not. But, we have to tell you that it has been said various times that the possibility of a continuation is too high. Both of the main actors have said that they would love to be back for another movie. We know that the parent movie is about to end with its 11th part.

But, agreeably, there is no limit foist on the number of Hobbs and Shaw films. So, we can definitely think that another movie is going to come out.

Hobbs and Shaw 2: A Release Date

Even the release of the recent FF movie got postpone due to the pandemic. So, we can definitely expect some delays with regards to the release and production. This is because the precedence of the franchise would be to work on the FF franchise first.

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