Hnews Is Upgrading Journalism To The Digital Medium

Chris Steward
Chris Steward

Newspapers still exist but are more of a niche preference rather than a widespread medium to consume news. The era of digital space demands digital alternatives that are better at disbursing the latest news pieces as soon as they break out. Traditional media cannot keep up with these evolvements and is more suited for in-depth exploration about a topic the next day. Hnews is an established news portal based out in Delhi, that is earnestly working to grab and publish news from credible sources as soon as possible.

Hnews has a holistic approach to journalism, one that involves researching concrete facts before publishing a piece and staying away from the clutches of advertisers that try to influence the outcome of every news piece to their favor. The popularity of Hnews lies in its simplicity as the website has the most organized layout ever and helps you to quickly navigate to the section you are interested in. Mr. Anoj Kumar Yadav shares his opinions about the need for a digital news portal. He says, “For long, our minds have been diverted to a singular direction due to biased news pieces that try to hide the harsh truth. I always longed for a news portal that would serve in the best interest of readers and be bold and outspoken about every major or minor happening in our country. Hnews puts national news at first but also accommodates international news and technology into the mix. The result is a perfectly balanced news portal with a diverse range of news categories to browse and read.”

Mr. Anoj Kumar Yadav realised that with the increase in procurement and usage of smartphones, the news should also evolve accordingly. Rather than becoming a paid and expensive medium, he started Hnews as a free-to-visit news portal that is accessible without any prior investment. Moreover, Hnews is published in our national language so that everyone can understand the news pieces published on the platform.

There are a plethora of English language news portals that are difficult to understand and are flooded with advertisements that ruin the experience of reading news. Hnews doesn’t require a dedicated computer or TV channel to get your daily dose of news. It is available for mobile browsers as well and works flawlessly with the lowest loading times and an interactive user interface to facilitate e-news consumption on the fly.

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