Hit &Run Netflix another thriller is it hit or not!

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima
mystery series Hit and run

Netflix premiered a new thriller, mystery series Hit and run. Hit & run is the first Israeli series on Netflix and we are more than excited. As the name suggests it is based on hit and run incident which changes the life of the people who are attached to the family of the victim of the hit &run case. Hit & run trailer looks quite promising. The series gives Israeli vibes and also the story looked quite promising. Hit and run revolved around a man and his family and how his family faces so many problems. It very well bland in the actors from Israeli and American. The series will keep you hooked and make your head spin with all the character development. Although it’s engaging and thrilling the series plot is somewhat expected in the first few episodes. But although it’s somewhat predictable it will still keep you hooked. The  Fauda star is back with another mystery-thriller and Multilanguage series.

Hit &Run Cast

Lior Raz who plays Segev Azulai the husband, DanielleplayedbyKaelenOhm the wife, Sanna Lathan as  Naomi Hicks,  and many more talented artists are part of this series.

Hit & Run main theme

The main theme of hit and run is murder, thriller, and spy series the theme is very well balanced between Israeli and American themes.

Hit &Run plot

Hit &run series revolves around a man’s family whose happy family gets torn apart when his wife gets killed in a Mysterio car accident. The wife named Danielle played by Kaelen Ohm who gets hits by car and dies on the spot and her husband who had a history of crime might be the reason behind it. But as the series proceeds further the mystery unfolds that his wife might be hiding some secrets and it might be the reason she gets killed.  Lior Raz who plays Segev begins the hunt of finding the killer of his wife. The series gets better with each passing episode. It has a total of 9 episodes. Although the series starts slow it gets way more interesting and fun after episode 3 as it starts to catch up with the phase. There is a crime, spy, mystery, as well murder which makes it the perfect series for action series lovers. It is a must-watch series if you love suspense thrillers. But let us warn you the series will most probably end on a cliffhanger.

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Hit & Run release date

The trailer was released 3 weeks ago and since then Fauda Fand couldn’t hold their happiness as Fauda star Lior Raz is part of the show his extraordinary acting skills in Fauda made all his fans super excited. Hit &Run premiered on Netflix on 6th August 2021 and is currently on the Top 7 most-watched series on India on Netflix. It is released in English & Hebrew language.

Where to watch

You can watch this Israeli series on the Netflix  OTt platform and it’s available in two different languages with English subtitles.


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