History Of Bhangarh Fort The Most Haunted Place India

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Bhangargh Fort

The Bhangarh Fort was built in the 16th century in Rajasthan. Bhagwat Das has built this spot for the younger son of him Madho Singh. Green surroundings and calm nature makes this place beautiful. This spot has become the most haunted place in Asia, and the government does not allow people to visits this place at night.

Bhangarh History

Mythologically people believed that the wizard curses the Bhangarh fort. Singhiya was the mischievous tantric at that time. Ratnavati was the granddaughter of Madho Singh. Ajab Singh’s behavior who was the stepbrother of Princess was very rude, but others liked princes because of her delightful temperament. Singhiya loved Princess Ratnavati.

As he knew that he could not marry that Princess, he cast a spell on the Princess. One day Princes was out of her home to buy Ittar and Tantrik replace the bottle of Ittar with the spell cast to make the Princess love him. But princes got this trick and threw the bottle on boulder and boulder cursed the tantric. Tantrik was about to die, and he cursed the Princess and her family that Bhangarh would be destroyed. The next year Mughals invaded the fort, and people who were living in this place were dying. People believed that ghosts of princes and evil tantric are present in the fort.

Many local people stated that they have listened to the voice of tantric and crying women. Many people also experienced that someone is entering the fort at night then fail to come back in the morning. Many creepy stories are shared by the visitors and locals that denote that it is a haunted place in India.

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Tourist Spots

When entering the main gate of this Bhangarh fort person can find impressive temples, palaces, and havelies. Lahori gate, Phubari gate, Ajmeri gate, and Delhi gate are the four main gates of entry.

At the main entrance, there is a Hanuman temple. Many other temples are also present at the entrance, and they all are built-in cenotaph’s style. Tin the construction of this place jhiri marbles is used.

How To Reach Bhangarh

This fort is 235 kilometers away from Delhi hence one can take a taxi or bus or rail to visit this location. Thana Ghazi is the 20miles away from this fort, and the nearest airport is Jaipur international airport. From Jaipur, it has an 88.2 km distance.

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