Here’s Is Everything You Know So Far About WandaVision Season 2

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Marvel Studios’ WandaVision has been hugely popular on Disney Plus, together with the five episodes it has aired thus far. With only four episodes of the season to go, WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer answers questions about Easter Eggs, composing, and also the possibility of two.

When asked whether there’ll be a season two of WandaVision through a meeting with The AV Club, Jac Schaeffer says and laughs, “I wish I could answer that. I cannot. It is only my hope that people continue to watch and revel in the season that we have got.” This level of secrecy is common with Marvel properties, but notably not surprising in regards to WandaVision. It has been confirmed that the show is setting up Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, therefore both the outcomes of the series itself and what happens in the Doctor Unusual movie will contribute to the possibility of another season.

WandaVision continues to be filled with hints and Easter Eggs so far, and Schaffer says that how these things are in the show is”an intriguing procedure.” “I mean there is lots that is on the page right, so like the advertisements, it states Hydrasoak, like from the text, also there is the tagline and everything,” she clarifies. “But that is long before the director is involved, and then certainly before the section heads are involved, and all of those people bring to be an excess layer of spice. Specifically with props, and also with production and wardrobe design.” Schaeffer says that all the craftspeople know the entirety of this story and what they’re doing with the show, which allows for them to add”all this extra feel .”

WandaVision is not the only Marvel project that Schaeffer has functioned on. She has also worked on Captain Marvel and the upcoming Black Widow film. When asked what she likes about working on female superhero projects, she states, “I enjoy writing girls. . .and I also like writing an allegory. That for me is what it means to write a female superhero, is that I am writing women first, and then you will find a lot these mad layers of science fiction and fantasy and social commentary, and it is all so outsized, and it makes it kind of easier to examine the issues that interest me.”

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WandaVision is surely full of intriguing female characters, involving Wanda herself, Darcy Lewis, Monica Rambeau, and even Westview acquaintances Agnes and Dottie. Each of those characters is a different part of the puzzle that’s WandaVision. There are lots of chances for their roles to grow during the remainder of season one, also, perhaps 1 day, two.

WandaVision is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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