Here is the List Of All the Highest And Lowest Rated Netflix Series

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Netflix is one of the the most loved OTT platform. The varieties of shows it offers made each and every person’s lockdown bearable. It has shows from all around the world. There are lots of good Netflix original series Here are the list of some of the series.

 1. Master of None (Highest)

Critics Score: 100%

Audience Score: 90%

Aziz Ansari’s comedic drama series is anything but your typical sitcom, presenting an emotionally honest depiction of the Millenial experience that has formed the basis of so much of Ansari’s work up to this point. Master of None’s ambitious structure is one of its greatest strengths, as the second season in particular features a selection of standalone episodes that deviate from the main narrative path involving Ansari’s character Dev and his experiences with modern love.

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2 Marvel’s Daredevil (Highest)

Critics Score: 92%

Audience Score: 92%

Daredevil is simply one of the best superhero shows on TV. It is superior to anything we have seen in a while, with a storyline that packs a far grittier wallop than anything else in the genre. The writing is solid, the conversation between characters is great, and rarely does TV get fight scenes as gorgeous and well-choreographed as this. That sort of thing is normally reserved for film. This is one of the most-watched Netflix Original series out there for good reason, as its entertainment value is through the roof.

3 . Stranger Things (Highest)

Critics Score: 93%

Audience Score: 91%

Netflix’s biggest pop cultural phenomenon also happens to be one of its best shows. Created by the Duffer Brothers, who shopped the idea around to many different networks before Netflix picked them up, Stranger Things is a melting pot of 80s homages but one that comes together into a satisfying whole that avoids feeling derivative. That’s because, behind all the nods to Spielberg, old school horror, and general 80s pop culture are a compelling group of characters brought to life by a cast of veterans and relative newcomers.

4 Cooked (Lowest)

Critics Score: N/A

Audience Score: 85%

Netflix has produced a number of food shows, but not all of them are on the same level of quality as the fascinating documentary series Chef’s Table. Case in point: Cooked, a documentary series that follows host Michael Pollan as he explores cooking’s connection to major world issues such as health and the environment. It sounds like a fascinating and important topic, right? While Cooked undeniably raises the bar on food documentaries in terms of coverage, its actual execution leaves much to be desired.

5 Girlboss (Lowest)

Critics Score: 36%

Audience Score: 76%

Based on the true story of Sophia Amoruso, a startup millionaire who hit the big time with her vintage fashion brand Nasty Gal, Girlboss is a scripted comedy series that comes off as more annoying than funny. Much of this can be attributed to the show’s main character, as the fictional Sophia (played by Britt Robertson) could very well be one of the most irritating TV protagonists in recent memory. The self-centered and spoiled Sophia makes Girlboss an incredibly frustrating viewing experience and it’s even more disappointing considering Robertson’s performance is actually pretty good (yes, performance can be good and unlikable at the same time)

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