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Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta
College Romance is a TVF Creation

College Romance is a TVF Creation. It is a comedy drama series that features three bestfriends Karan, Trippy, and Naira. As the name suggests, three of them begin their love lives which have a very comedic take. The series has five parts. The show is written by Aakash Ahuja, Sidhant Mago and Manan Madaan. Apoorv Singh Karki has directed the series.

The show perfectly portrays college life. The carefree days, hanging around with friends, abrupt plans, and laughing together. College Romance Season 1 was released on YouTube on the channel named ‘The Timeliners‘. Season 1 started with a boom and ended with a cliffhanger. The fans were eagerly waiting for Season 2.

College Romance Season 2 has been released on the OTT Platform, SonyLiv. According to audience reviews, Season 2 is better than Season 1 in terms of the storyline and emotional connection with characters.

The official trailer of College Romance Season 2 is here :

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The Show College Romance Season 2 Cast

Manjot Singh plays the role of Trippy who is recovering from a bad breakup. His performance is outstanding and the love affair with the twin sisters is simply hilarious to watch. Keshav Sadhna’s character Karan offers love advice to his friends while he himself remains a virgin. Apoorva Arora as Naira and her boyfriend Bagga is played by Gagan Arora. The couple’s conversation stirs a laughter riot. Shreya Mehta’s character Deepika is a little less aggressive during Season 2. Hira Ashar plays the role of Raveena.

Naira is the sensible one in the group. She handles Trippy and Karan well. Deepika’s character is shown as a complicated one. Further in the show, she has some growth but still ends up confused about her relationship with Karan. Trippy gets involved with Raveena, a fresher in their college. But later realizes that she has some baggage from her ex-boyfriend from school. Naira and Bagga’s relationship was the funniest and cutest among all. Together, the gang navigates through the ups and downs of love, life and college. The series is specifically entertaining for college students.

In Conclusion

College Romance Season 2 is well-written. It ensures that the viewers get all the feel and happily live their own college memories. It displays all the emotions one goes through while in college. A young impressionable mind, college kinship, love, memories, and heartbreaks that come along the way. The series depicts the struggles faced in friendships and relationships.

The show did not offer anything unique but the acting of the cast was definitely worth the praise.

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