Hassan Amiri : The Face of Social Media

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

The famous social media star Hassan Amiri is an Iran based model, artist with over 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 157k+ international followers. Living in the digital age, online platforms like Instagram have opened up numerous opportunities for individuals, helping them build their own empire and make the most of the people they attract. Among many such popular names is Hassan Amiri. He managed to pour his passion and energy into a fruitful profession that he adores.

Hassan Amiri born in Iran on September 19, 1991 falling under the zodiac sign Virgo (the maiden) is an ardent follower of Islam. The former 28-year-old artist (as of 2021) graduated with a Master of Arts at the University of Art and Architecture in Iran. Breaking into prominence with his stunning looks, impressive style and eye-catching videos and pictures across the globe. He is clever, approximately 183 cm tall and weighs approximately 80 kg with a business-oriented mind.

The popular figure started his journey as a model and rose with his Instagram account, where he posts engaging and entertaining videos, with a side that he also makes an awesome dwelling with all of the sponsored collaborations with major businesses. Giving an impression of awfully fun and a happening juvenile person the artist also forever had a sense of fashion with an artistic vision, sharing his trendy outfits and model insights on his Instagram has continued to increase his popularity contributing to catching the attention of several brands around the world.

Bеіng passionate about his dreams he always seeks opportunities to learn and transform his ideas into action with creativity, The spark that fueled him to pursue his aspirations was his enthusiasm for his work and his desire to build something for himself in life.

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He works with various professional photographers, brands uploading the most stunning pictures on Instagram and entertaining videos on youtube Hassan Amiri always manages to provide his audience with the best, therefore, with his large following he has become the idol for the youth.

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