Gyanganj – Himalayas The Most Immortals Place In India

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Gyanganj A city of Immortals

Siddhashrama is the most popular location in the Himalayas. This is popular with the name Gyanganj. According to traditional believes the Gyanganj is located in secret land deep. Many great yogis and sadhus live in this location. Legends believe that this is a place that is an antediluvian India; this is also called the Tibet tale of a city. In various clandestine manners, this place influences the mind of man. The place is famous as the dwelling of immortals. S the place is positioned at the isolated valley in the Himalayas hence this is also called the city of immortals.

Mythologically people believe that Gyanganj is inhabited by immortals that are mysterious and affect the human being.  The great saints find this place spiritual. The specialty of this place is that the actual location of this mysterious place is unknown to all. Many people believe that Gyanganj is an artful location with mapping technologies. Some local people state that Gyanganj does not exist on the earth hence it is unable to find this location by satellites as well.

Gyanganj is a popular place according to Hindu tradition and Buddhist as well. The actual root of this place can be traced to Tibet. This is known as Shambala which means the source of happiness. According to the belief of Buddhists Shambala is the place that protects many spirituals teaching. Though many Buddhists have given several instructions for reaching this spot they remain ambiguous. According to Buddhists, it is the place that defies the actual death rules.

It is a mythological belief that in the land of Gyanganj no person gets died as the person remains alive always. Dalai Lama stated that Gyanganj is a pure land that cannot be physically found by the people. The Mahabharat and Ramayan discuss the place Gyanganj. According to modern science, aging is a disease. This is described that the actual renewal process of the cell can be kept intact. In this manner, the organs of a human being can be maintained hence human being has the capability to live more than 1000 years.

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Many yogis do regular yoga for their emotional control that helps in releasing the necessary hormones. These hormones control the metabolism of the body that supports the person to maintain their organ for a longer duration. Gyanganj is the most interesting and peaceful place for mediation, Meditating saints, greenery, flowers make this place so amazing.

How to get Gyanganj – Himalayas?

Gyanganj is located somewhere in the Himalayas and its exact location is not known. As per the believers, only great saints can find it by passing through psychic barriers and dimensions. People believe that this mysterious land artfully camouflages itself, hiding from sight as well as mapping technologies. Some believe that Gyanganj exists in a different plane of reality and thus cannot be detected by satellites. According to believers, only enlightened saints can find this land, obscured in mists of mighty Himalayan peaks.

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