Gulam Ashraf The Young Business Tycoon Aims To Become a Billionaire in Next Five Years

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Gulam Ashraf - Managing Director of Phonex Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

As time is changing, so are the people. Nowadays, youngsters have also entered the business world. It is transparent how the young population of the country is overtaking each sector and industry by a storm. People are over the astonishments of the young taking the lead. The time has come when each generation is fighting head-on to imprint their territory. However, there are only a few who have not forgotten about their roots. Those are helping as many people to their strength and capability. Gulam Ashraf is one of the few young people who have not only found their place in the industry but are also contributing to the country’s welfare.

Gulam Ashraf is the managing director of Phonex Logistics Pvt. Ltd. and the president of Mohammedan Sporting Club. He is one of the youngest businessmen in India who is also known for his social work. Moreover, he is also chairman and mentor of an NGO called One Unity Social Welfare Association. The NGO provides people with the basic resources required to sustain themselves in the harsh circumstances of life. It is indeed astonishing to see such young and dedicated talents work for the welfare of the people. He has over three thousand employees working under him and takes pride in the work they do.

The company provides high-quality and noteworthy logistics services which include storage, distribution, transportation, and delivery. They aim to be the best service provider in the country and are expanding their services overseas as well. Their primary objective is to promote total quality management and to maintain their success by putting consistent efforts. Phonex Logistics has been recognized as the Container Freight Station Operator of the year. They have several such awards and honors under their belt.

Gulam’s life tale is no less than the rags to riches story. His childhood did not include any fancy living. He had to work hard to reach the place he has attained today. He says that being one of the youngest is his strength and motivation. He believes that in the next five years, he sees himself as one of the youngest billionaires of the country. Also, his company will be known throughout the world. His passion to attain heights and simultaneously help the needy is appreciable.

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He is a humble, hardworking, and down-to-earth entrepreneur. People like Gulam Ashraf are not easy to come by; hence we must cherish their existence and follow the path of passion. During Covid-19 pandemic phase 1 Gulam Ashraf distributed free groceries to twenty thousand families in West Bengal and in phase 2 helped his fellow citizen with free oxygen on the wheel.

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