Grey’s Anatomy these love stories that we would have liked to see in the series

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is on hiatus and isn’t coming back just yet. Discover these characters that we would have liked to see as a couple in the series. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

There were couples in Grey’s Anatomy ! The series has been around for more than sixteen years and fans have followed some great love stories. The one who forever marked the series is none other than Meredith and Derek. The two leading figures formed the leading couple.

Many couples formed on the show, but some didn’t. Besides, characters have also always had a very good feeling and could have come together. This is particularly the case of Callie and Mark Sloan.

The two characters were best friends in Grey’s Anatomy . Besides, they slept together and Callie had a child thanks to Mark. They were very comfortable together and made a great duo. So, they could always count on each other and fans adored both characters.

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So, it is clear that if they had chosen to get together, the fans would not have said no! In the same vein, George could have entered into a relationship with Lexie Gray in the series.

Grey’s Anatomy: these love stories that we would have liked to see in the series


George and Lexie have always been highly regarded by fans of Grey’s Anatomy. Moreover, everyone still regrets their death in the series. For fans who don’t know,

Moreover, the two characters made roommates together and Lexie was doing everything to get his attention. Yet, George never thought of dating her and never had feelings for her. A regret for the fans, who saw them well together.

Then, Jo and Link could have formed a couple in Grey’s Anatomy . The followers of the series know that the two characters know each other well and are even very close. They have a past together and Link has always taken care of the doctor.

Thus, if Jo had not been married to Alex, one could have imagined a flirtation between the two characters. However, Link has recently been in a relationship with Amelia and everything seems to be going well between them. However, nothing says that the showrunners will not change the fate of these characters!

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