Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: Actress Ellen Pompeo thanks all the fans

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

The Grey’s Anatomy series premiered its 17th season at the beginning of November, which brought a lot of surprises to all fans. For which lead actress Ellen Pompeo thanked everyone.

Series ABC, Gray’s Anatomy, opened its 17th season in early November 2020, which has managed to surprise millions of fans.

But the biggest surprises of this season have been centered on the loves and friendships that the main character Meredith lost, during all seasons.

The first one they showed us was Meredith’s late husband, Derek Shepherd, who had an incredible entrance into her dreams while in poor health.

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Grey’s Anatomy season 17 has had a great reception since its premiere, so the show’s lead actress Ellen Pompeo thanked everyone in this way.

In his post, Pompeo wrote the following:

Thank you for watching and supporting this show for 17 seasons. We are grateful”.

Many Grey’s Anatomy fans have been nervous about this season, as it could mean the last, but what will the end of the series look like?

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