Grey’s Anatomy season 17: A Death to come in the rest of the season?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Grey’s Anatomy fans can’t wait to see the rest of Season 17. Meredith and Tom have contracted Covid-19 and Teddy’s ex may end up dying.

Tom, soon to be dead in Grey’s Anatomy? A few months ago, the ABC channel put the first episodes of season 17 online. The new season was delayed because of the Covid-19. Nevertheless, the production knew how to be forgiven by the fans with nice surprises.

This new season has chosen to look at the Covid-19. So Meredith and the other doctors had many patients at Gray Sloan. They have done everything possible to treat the sick, but the epidemic seems unmanageable. Moreover, Zola’s mother ended up having the virus and is at its worst.

Meredith in turn finds herself hospitalized in Grey’s Anatomy and her condition worsens. Doctor Comate and her fans got into her dreams. Thus, the audience got to see his lifelong love, Derek. Then, George also made a small appearance in the new episodes.

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Nevertheless, Meredith is not the only one suffering from Covid-19. Indeed, Tom is also very sick from the virus and had to be hospitalized urgently. The doctor is at their worst and all his colleagues are doing everything to treat him. However, everything suggests that he will end up dying in the rest of season 17.


Shonda Rhimes is not used to offering nice happy endings in Grey’s Anatomy. Fans know this well and fear the worst when it comes to Meredith and Tom’s state of health. So, as Melty explains, there is little chance that the two Doctors will end up doing this in the sequel.

Meredith is the main character of the series. Thus, it is unlikely that she will end up dying in season 17. And this, even if Ellen Pompeo has already mentioned the end of the show several times. Still, Tom is not the most important character on the show, nor is he the most beloved.

So Grey’s Anatomy could very well be doing without Tom. Moreover, his death would mark season 17 and especially highlight the dangers of the virus. A way for showrunners to shock the public and make an impression. Then, the character must die for a possible reconciliation between Teddy and Owen.

Teddy slept with Tom just before his marriage to Owen. Thus, the doctor does not seem to want to forgive him and all communication is broken between them. Tom’s death could close Teddy’s infidelities forever. Then, above all, there would no longer be a love triangle, as our colleagues echoed.

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