Gnarly Troop: Delhi-based NPO supports 300+ families by adopting village in Bihar

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Gnarly Troop: Delhi-based NPO supports 300+ families by adopting village in Bihar

New Delhi, 10 April 2023: Gnarly Troop, a non-profit organization, has adopted the Bakhari Village (Paigambarpur Panchayat) of Muzaffarpur in Bihar to facilitate major societal transformations among around 1500 villagers in the area. Embarking on its endeavor to help communities tackle tough challenges where people across the country strive to overcome odds, Gnarly Troop has been creating awareness for value management of time and resources so tomorrow’s leaders can build a better foundation for the future.

The Bakhari Village of Muzaffarpur in Bihar has around 586 voters who are over 18 years of age and over 900 children; with the male-female ratio being 1:1.2. The major occupational income of the villagers is through wages, and the number of students enrolled in educational institutions is 134. Around 60 percent of men and women depend on the hiring for work in and at agriculture land. With the help of the Gnarly Troop, employment in private jobs has increased by 17 percent.

“At Bakhari Village, people participate in skill development training at Gnarly Troop Rural Area Development Centre to enable them to explore better livelihood opportunities. Our community development programs offer the opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of life of less privileged children and people. we’re ensuring every child gets a strong start in life, teenagers have the tools to learn and grow, and young adults thrive in the job market,” noted the Founder of Gnarly Troop Amarjeet Kr Thakur.

Stating that, going forward, the Gnarly Troop will be adopting at least one village each year in various parts of the country, Mr. Thakur said, “At the Gnarly Troop Village, you will find climate change is happening now and people are able to know the importance of studying. The current facilities are developed to improve the quality of life of everyone in this village.”

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Bringing in major transformational changes, post-adoption of the village, Gnarly Troop has established a rural development center, community hall for farmers, women, and children, library for students, and an open sky campus for Paigambarpur Panchayat meetings and for the higher authority members of the village. At the open sky campus, every Sunday, the Gnarly Troop organizes a meeting where the members of the Panchayat and other higher authorities of the village discuss the development of the area and the prospects of future growth.

Through programs for sustainable development with educational and technical support in and at Gnarly Troop Academy, along with the foremost priority to set up a health and wellness center for nutrition support and health services.

About Gnarly Troop

Gnarly (Global Network for Active and Responsible Leadership amongst Youths) Troop believes that equality, justice, peace, and brotherhood can become a stark reality of this world if its youth strive to achieve these goals through cooperation, cultural harmony, and community building will also help meet one of the biggest sustainable goals – climate control. Every year, Gnarly Troop hosts GT20 Summit in different countries with a vision based on the 4C’s i.e. Climate, Community, Culture, and Cooperation. In line with its GT20 global summit, Gnarly Troop will be fervently dedicated to its commitment to adopt at least one village each year, to be nurtured and developed by the troops.

Gnarly Troop was conceptualized and founded by a champion of universal bonding, Amarjeet Kr. Thakur in 2013. He, as an impactful thought leader, also encourages and motivates youths to make strides for positive changes in society and lead the world toward sustainable growth and development. The non-profit organization is backed by the vision and mentorship of many dignitaries from academia, administration, social welfare, and healthcare sectors.

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