Gintama’s Latest Movie Release Date And New Trailer

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Gintama has released a new trailer for his latest movie. Announced after the end of Hideaki Sorachi’s original manga series, it was confirmed that Gintama would return for a final outing with this feature film. After confirming that this new project would be an animated feature film, the promotional materials for this project are confirming that this is, in fact, the last anime outing of the franchise. Dubbed Gintama: The Final, the most recent trailer for the film gives us a much better idea of what to expect in the final output as we get a glimpse of the massive final battle.

Gintama Trailer

In the latest trailer for Gintama: The Finale, which you can watch in the video above direct from Warner Bros. Japan, fans can see how not only will Gintoki be involved in this final fight, but virtually every character in the franchise in his set as the anime adapts the final events of Sorachi’s original Manga with new material for the film.

Gintama Release Date

Scheduled for its the atrical release on January 8 next year in Japan, the new movie has been announced as not a full one-to-one adaptation of the manga’s ending, but that’s in line with the rest of the anime adaptation in its set. But this new movie will feature new character designs for the main trio along with everyone else, and you can also see it in action in this trailer.

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Mocking itself just like the rest of the franchise, the trailer even shows something more to come with a look at the film’s “unfinished” scenes that show a behind-the-scenes look at the drafts and storyboards that eventually make up scenes in Gintama: The Final.

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