Get To Know More About Fitness YouTuber Saket Gokhale

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Saket Gokhale is an Indian fitness, influencer and health vlogger. He is known for his epic transformation and fitness videos. He started his YouTube journey on 7 Oct 2018 by creating videos in English about his workout routine & Fitness in the form of vlogs. Saket is very popular and active on social media sites.


He was born on 3 December 2020 in Pune Maharastra. Saket lives with his family in a flat in Mumbai. He is an famous personality and is also very much popular on Instagram. His tips and fitness tricks has help many people achieve their desired body.


Father Mangesh Gokhale
Mother Ashwini Gokhale
Brother Not Known
Sister Not Known


Saket started his journey as an skinny boy. He was very skinny in his high school and his friends used to make fun of his look and weight. According to him, his small physical stature made him underconfident. He decided to change himself and started his journey in 2016 after getting inspired by his childhood friend Aryan Khanna (another popular fitness vlogger). Apparently Aryan Khanna was also a skinny kid all his high school ,than he started gyming and gaining muscles. This inspired Saket to change his life as well.  the next two years, Saket and Aryan worked diligently towards achieving their fitness goals. Later in 2018 Saket started a YouTube channel by his own name and started blogging his daily fitness routine. Saket decided that he will inspire other people as well to get fit. He also started sharing his workout regimes on his Instagram account. Soon, his subscriber base started increasing.

In 2019 he created another video for his YouTube where he uploaded fatness tips for beginners gym goers. This gave him huge success and his video started going viral all over social media sites. His video titled ‘FASTEST way to lose BELLY FAT for Indians’ has more than 3.1 million views on YouTube. He has over 826k subscribers on YouTube and has a fan following of 246k on Instagram.

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Lesser known facts

  • During his childhood, his friends used to make fun of his name by calling him ‘Suck It’ instead of ‘Saket.’
  • Saket was a speed cuber in 2012 and 2013. Speed cuber is a person who partakes in the sport of solving the Rubik’s Cube quickly. His other hobbies include sketching and cardistry.
  • He is a non-vegetarian and loves to eat grilled chicken. He makes sure that at least one of his everyday meals contains chicken, which provides him with his daily dose of protein, required for gaining muscle mass.
  • Since both of his parents are working, he has to prepare his own meals. Saket often shares his chicken recipe videos on his YouTube channel
  • In his free time, he learns the Japanese and German languages.
  • In a YouTube video, Saket has mentioned that he did not borrow money from his parents to fund his YouTube videos. He shot the initial videos on his mobile phone, and later, he bought a camera, iPhone, and MacBook with the money he earned from YouTube AdSense.
  • Saket is a huge fan of David Laid, who is an American fitness YouTuber.
  • Although his main focus is his YouTube career, Saket never neglects his studies.
  • Saket is an avid dog lover

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