Get To Know More About Comedian Bharti’s Weight Loss Journey

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

During Lock down many celeb and people have lost their weight. Thanks to lockdown many of us were motivated to workout and now many are living a healthy life.

Even Comedian Bharti Singh has joined the journey of loosing weight and living a healthy life. Bharti told in an interview how she lost weight by following intermittent fasting. She said that her husband was surprised of her weight loss journey. She said that losing weight has also helped with her pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes and asthma. Bharti Singh earlier weighed 91 kgs, and now weighs 76 kgs.

The Comedian was always confidence about her weight  and took pride in it. But she decided she will work on her body and now she feels lighter, fitter and slimmer. Bharti’s hardwork is really paying her. She is also happy and suprised by how she looked before and now.

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“Abhi saans nahi chadhti aur halka halka feel hota hai. Meri diabetes aur asthma bhi control mein aa gaye hain (Now I don’t have problem breathing and feel lighter. My diabetes and asthma are also under control),” she told a leading daily. Bharti also said that Harsh is not that happy although his supportive of the weight loss. She said that he likes to play with her tummy and take her out to eat. And is not happy as Bharti has started eating mostly at home and doesn’t go out to eat with him.

She is enjoying the new phase of her fitter self. Bharti is now experimenting more and more with her new found style. Her fans , family and friends are very happy for her. Bharti said “The lockdown has taught us a lot of things, including the importance of family and also loving yourself. Aap hain toh family hai aur kaam hai. Agar aap khud se pyaar nahi karenge toh koi aapse pyaar nahi karega. Bada achha lagta hai apne aap ko pyaar karna aur screen par dekhna.” These is how she was inspired to loose some kilos.

“I don’t eat between 7 pm and 12 pm. I just attack food post 12 pm,” Bharti continued, adding, “My body doesn’t accept dinner any later than 7 pm. Maine 30-32 saal bahut khaana khaaya hai aur uske baad ek saal apni body ko time diya toh body ne sab accept kiya (I ate a lot of food for 30-32 years and then gave my body a year and my body has accepted the change).” 

Bharti said that she is happy with how her body feels light and better now and that she is reaching her goals. She is proud of herself and is very happy to see how she looks on screen. Bharti is currently featured on The Kapil Sharma Show and Dance Deewane 3.

She revealed in a recent episode of Dance Deewane Season 3 that the couple are planning a baby since long time . But looking at the current situation and the pandemic they are worried about their little one. “We are planning a baby but after hearing about such cases, we don’t feel like starting a family. We are deliberately not talking about having a baby because I don’t want to cry like this,” she said

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