Gauhar Khan: Gauhar Khan angry at Rakhi Sawant, said, “Wearing Abaya does not make you a Muslim”

Gauahar Khan On Rakhi Sawant Rakhi Sawant had sent her own husband Adil Khan Durrani to jail


Gauhar Khan On Rakhi Sawant Hindi film assiduity’s drama queen Rakhi Sawant is again seen in trouble. Six months ago, Rakhi Sawant had transferred her hubby Adil Khan Durrani to jail. Now Adil has come out of jail and is taking his vengeance from Rakhi. Rakhi Sawant arrived in Mecca to undertake Umrah in the meantime. Although now the actress has returned to Mumbai, a different icon of her is now being seen. Rakhi is seen wearing a burqa and hijab rather than short clothes. Some of her filmland and videos are going viral on social media.

59 cameras aren’t demanded to show faith – Gauhar Khan

Now in the midst of all this, television actress Gauhar Khan has targeted Rakhi. piecemeal from Gauhar, numerous people have indicted him of using religious effects as a hype trick. Actress Gauhar Khan has participated in a post on her Instagram story and has told a lot of falsehoods. Gauahar wrote,” Yet some disasters are taking Islam smoothly and making a mockery of this holy passage which is so sacred for the religionists of Islam. In one nanosecond you have converted to Islam and also you say.

Gauhar further wrote in this post,” I want the Islam Board in India or Saudi to take strict action against similar hype numbers so that people take advantage of commodity sacred. Can not lift it. Well, wearing an abaya doesn’t make you a Muslim, being a good person, being a veracious person, and loving Allah makes you a Muslim. Any faith is in the heart, you do not need 59 cameras to show it.

Rakhi Sawant reached the event wearing an Abaya

After returning from Mecca, Rakhi attended an event in Mumbai on Saturday. During this, he was seen in a red multicolored abaya. During this, he spoke to the intelligencers and said,” Who said that a woman doesn’t look beautiful in Abaya, especially in Bollywood, follow me”.

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