Game of Thrones: Gendry actor reveals what was going to happen in a romance with Arya

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

Although Game of Thrones saw its end in 2019, the secrets still do not stop coming out about the incredible series. So the actor Gendry, Joe Dempsie, reveals what would happen in an affair with Arya.

Recall that in the final season of Game of Thrones, Gendry proposed to Arya, but the actor reveals the truth of what would happen if the marriage occurred.

After receiving the title of Lord of Storm’s End, Gendry puzzled all viewers when he declared his love for Arya Stark. He even got down on one knee and proposed, although his offer was rejected.

Joe Demspie admitted that their brief relationship was driven by circumstance and probably wouldn’t have lasted.

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“I think Gendry lost his mind a bit, didn’t he? He’s so drunk on legitimacy that he asked the question! “

But, the actor also revealed that his character after the battle of the long night would have realized the reality, about his relationship with Arya.

“I think he’s insightful enough to know that. It would never have worked. “

While so many Game of Thrones fans is waiting for good news about the prequel, House of the Dragon, which will premiere in late 2021.

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