For Leaner Body & Glowing Skin, NutriEnergized Ambassador And Sports Model Yana_Garasuta Shares How

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Sports Model Yana_Garasuta

I’m sure all of us want to grow leaner and fitter and have glowing skin. Unfortunately, with the demands of daily life, the frustrations of being overweight, and living an unhealthy lifestyle, getting slimmer and fitter isn’t easy. Many of us abandon our efforts before starting. Interestingly,  the quality of your skin is linked to your health and diet. First of all, for healthy, leaner, and glowing skin, we should work on our nutrition and not on our diet. Diet is something temporary and done for some specific time. After that, the brain tends to eat everything as before. Also, the diet plan is like restrictions that the brain doesn’t welcome. So,  work on your nutrition; try to make it hygienic for your body and your glowing skin.

So I am sharing here some rules to follow in nutrition to become leaner and to achieve glowing skin.


  1. Make the use of greens and vegetables a lot in your diet. These provide antioxidants and fibers. These may reduce your weight, lower your cholesterol level and also make your skin fresh and fair. Vegetables also help to control the glucose level so these are very beneficial for diabetics patients also. Take around 400 grams of vegetables and greens per day.
  2. Fiber helps you avoid overeating by keeping your gut microbiota healthy, reducing the generation of hunger-inducing hormones, and slowing the movement of food in your gut.
  3. Sports have a huge impact on a person’s health and daily life. Sports provide not only a fun routine but also a healthy body. Physical activity improves heart function, lowers diabetes risks, reduces weight, regulates blood sugar, and relieves tension and stress. so it is a must for you to play sports regularly.
  1. Sufficient intake of water is necessary for glowing and healthy skin. It improves blood circulation and the delivery of essential nutrients to all body cells, making you feel and look better. Water also aids in the removal of toxins from the body and pollutants from the skin.
  1. Eat a protein-rich diet – meat, fish, eggs, dairy products that give a long feeling of fullness, which helps control appetite.
  1. Avoid junk foods, industrial products, use of drugs, and smoking.
  1. Sleep for 6 to 8 hours for a healthy body and shiny skin.

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