Fire Alarm at Kolkata Airport: A Sizzling Incident!

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin
Fire Alarm at Kolkata Airport

A fire broke out inside the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, surprising everyone present. In response to the Fire Alarm at Kolkata Airport, authorities immediately dispatched two fire engines. The incident occurred in the airport’s 3C departure terminal building, leaving everyone eager for more details.

Fire Alarm at Kolkata Airport: A Chaotic Encounter

The event was verified by airport officials, who said in a statement to the news agency ANI, “Fire breaks out at Kolkata Airport’s 3C departure concourse building.” The airport authorities’ quick response allowed the fires to be finally contained and altogether put out by 9:40 PM. The airport authorities took no chances and hired their firefighters to put out the fire because there was a rush of travelers. Currently, it is under control, and the cooling process is underway, according to a watchful police officer on the scene. Early examinations demonstrate that the fire may have been started by a short circuit.

Quick Response and Safe Evacuation Amidst the Chaos

Eyewitness testimonies paint a harrowing picture of the airport succumbing to the engulfing clouds of foreboding black smoke. In the face of this terrifying spectacle, dread gripped the hearts of travelers as they found themselves caught in a frenzy of panic. With pounding hearts, they hastily fled, driven by a primal instinct to escape the looming threat.

However, a ray of optimism appears within the uncertainty.. The courageous firefighters, rising to the occasion, fearlessly battled the raging flames. Swiftly wresting them into submission and reclaiming control over the perilous situation. In a display of unwavering bravery, these valiant firefighters successfully escorted passengers and airline personnel away from the perilous clutches of the fire. Ensuring their safety and providing a beacon of hope amidst the surrounding chaos.

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The investigators work relentlessly to solve the mystery surrounding this shocking incident. Suspicions are growing that a cunning short-circuit was to blame for injecting a blast of scalding energy into the airport’s ordinarily routine operations. However, an unwavering sense of thankfulness develops for the authorities’ decisive acts. Who sprung into action without hesitation to safeguard and guarantee the well-being of everyone there.

One cannot help but admire the expertise and speed displayed by the airport workers in managing this unanticipated fire alarm as the flames go down and the order returns to Kolkata Airport.

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