‘Final Destination 6’ is officially in the works at Warner Bros.

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The horror franchise will return for a sixth time, probably even bloodier, over 12 years after the fifth installment of Final Destination debuted in theaters in 2011. Discovery will be in charge of bringing the horror epic back. In CinemaCon 2023, Warner Bros. Revealed during a panel that the sixth entry in the gory franchise is formally in production.

The original movie creator and writer, Jeffrey Reddick, previously disclosed that the sixth sequel won’t follow the film’s normal formula. While remaining true to the franchise’s overall premise, even if the narrative details for the movie are still unclear.

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Directors Producers of the Upcoming Movie Final Destination 6

Two directors have been named for the sixth numbered installment in the series. The expected Final Destination 6 is being directed by Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein. Best known for their work on the 2018 science fiction film Freaks. Beyond the straightforward idea at the heart of the franchise. Which involves someone avoiding death and having it catch up with them, little is known about the plot.

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Craig Perry, the original producer of the series, Sheila Hanahan Taylor, Jon Watts, and Dianne McGunigle will produce Final Destination 6. Guy Busick and Lori Evans Taylor are writing the script.

Since the latest Final Destination movie’s theatrical debut in 2000. Which helped the series amass a cumulative worldwide gross of over $660 million. More than ten years have passed.

final destination 6 plot release date

By doing what it does best, exploring the themes of death and fate arriving in plain sight, Final Destination was able to get under someone’s skin. The movie merely played on everyone’s fear of impending death and played. Into the idea of hunting someone in the most horrifying way imaginable. Unlike traditional horror films that employ personalities to frighten viewers. With its paranoia-inducing scenes, the franchise tends to instill a sense of collective anxiety in its audience.

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