Few Reason why Men no longer approaching Women

Stories from a man's perspective for women

‘Women enjoy being approached. If you approach them and they don’t like you or believe you’re beautiful enough, they’ll call you a creep.” — Jake.

A woman might identify a perfectly normal and respectable man as a creep simply because he is not her type. And we wonder why males no longer approach women. It’s excessively time-consuming with little potential for reward. They either ignore you, reject you, humiliate you, or, worst of all, accuse you of molestation. If a lady likes me, she should try to approach me.”

A Woman’s Initial response?

As a woman and dating coach, I understand the predicament that most guys are in. You’re reluctant because you’re terrified of being rejected or of being considered a predator. And people agree that some women (thankfully, NOT ALL) are nasty, perplexing, and cruel. They’ve never received a direct signal from a lady. Positive body language has been identified as a signal by some females, but it is too vague for me to act on.

According to the survey, and as per google research:

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Things women desire in men Things men desire in women
Stopped harassing women in public places More clear with their signs
They took the hints before approaching women More direct and honest
More sensible with their approach and words Less harsh when rejecting men
They should less misogynistic Stopped playing hard to get or toying with men’s emotions

Several true stories from a man’s perspective for women

  • Kane, 35 – year old who is unmarried, says he no longer approaches women because it is too time-consuming and unlikely to be fruitful. Either they dismiss you, reject you, humiliate you, or even worse, accuse you of molestation. The woman should try to approach me if she likes me.
  • Nathan, a 22-year-old, acknowledges, “I’m mostly being stopped by the bad outcomes. Hearing stories on campus about males and false charges is unsettling. To get into college, I put a lot of effort. I won’t take the chance of being dismissed for something I didn’t do.
  • Kevin, 57 years old and married, explains, “Back then, if you didn’t cold approach ladies, you’d be alone. The ladies had mastered the skill of telling the guy they weren’t interested in a flirtatious manner at the period when it was socially acceptable. I believed it was positive for guys that this was how society operated. It helped us develop the bravery and daring to take chances in life.

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