Fear the Walking Dead Season 7: Release Date, Plot, Cast And All Information

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The measured life of Madison Clark ended when strange events began to take place in the city. After brushing off her drug addict son who argued that he had faced the living dead, Madison found evidence of this herself. As she witnessed the upcoming apocalypse, she could not think how serious it was. The release date of season 7 of the fantastic thriller “Fear the Walking Dead” is scheduled for August 2021.

The kids didn’t appreciate the Clark family life. Madison’s children were from their first marriage and therefore, Alisha and Nick Travis were not considered a father. Everyone has their own problems. So, drug addict Nick ends up in the hospital with hallucinations, which, as it turned out, were quite real. Alisha is preoccupied with her studies and her boyfriend who does graffiti. Travis has a son, Chris, who doesn’t want to communicate with him. Against the background of such events, a lot of strange things are happening.

Social networks are overflowing with videos where the military shoot people who continue to live. You can only kill them with a headshot. Nicholas leaves the hospital and inadvertently kills the drug dealer. After convincing the parents of the reality of the visions, he asks them for help. The whole family goes to look for Alisha, who is with her boyfriend, and before that he was bitten by a dead man. Realizing the threat of her being with the living dead, the Clarks convince Alisha that her boyfriend will get better, although they know that he will become a walking dead.

The family retires in a place that is protected from visiting zombies. But the problem remains with Travis’ son, whom he does not call. The fact is that Chris knows nothing about the dead. They fail to meet, as the city plunges into a wave of madness. Politicians keep quiet about what is happening, but residents see that a nightmare is happening in the city. This was the beginning of the Clarks’ confrontation with them. Unfortunately, only Alisha, who teamed up with Morgan, survived until the seventh season. Does Alisha expect the fate of the family?

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 Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Release Date

The popularity of the project does not fall, the seasons continue to be filmed. The release date of season 7 of the horror series “Fear the Walking Dead” is scheduled for August 2021.

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