‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ Season 2: Release Date, Expected Cast And Everything We Know So Far

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Fans of The Winx Club have long been awaiting a live-action version of the hit animated series and Netflix didn’t disappoint. Fate: The Winx Saga gives the initial show a darker turn thanks to brand new puzzles which are hidden in the iconic school, Alfea, in which our favorite fairies and pros are educated. The show continues to follow Bloom along with her brand new buddies, the Winx package since they get together to attempt and learn her past and develop stronger. If you’re done with the series’s first time, then you know that there is a lot more to come. So will we be coming back for one more season of craziness and pleasure?

When will a second season premiere?

In a statement, Netflix said that manufacturing for season two would start in late 2021 in Ireland. Bearing that in mind, let’s do some quick calculations: The first time Fate was declared in March 2018, but filming did not begin until September 2019, over a year before the episodes eventually premiered. Going off this timeline, even if development and filming are ready to begin right away, it will likely still be well over a year until we see these efforts come to fruition in the shape of a season two–though Netflix has been proven to speed up its timelines when functioning on following seasons of widely beloved shows. A late summer 2022 launch feels like a secure, if excessively optimistic, prediction.

Who will be coming back for season two?

Together with the information of a new season, Netflix verified that all of our beloved Winx Suite members will return. So far, Abigail Cowen as Bloom, Hannah van der Westhuysen as Stella, Precious Mustapha as Aisha, Eliot Salt as both Terra and Elisha Applebaum as Musa, are set to Return.

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