“Fast And furious”: What Happened To Matt Schulze, The Actor Who Played Vince

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

“Fast and Furious” became one of the highest-grossing action sagas in history. Since the first installment was released in 2001, 19 years, 8 films and a large number of actors have passed throughout the “Fast and Furious” franchise, which initially starred Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, playing Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner.

With time the “Fast and Furious” saga has grown exponentially. It began as a portrait of street racing until it became true works of world espionage, smuggling and explosions wherever the protagonists go. The next installment will be “F9”, where our characters will arrive in space to face new challenges and adventures.

Through out the “Fast and Furious” franchise we have seen a lot of actors who made their mark and were part of history, whether in one or more than one movie. This is the case of Vince, a character who appeared in “Fast and The Furious” and “Fast Five. ” Here we tell you what happened to the actor who gave life to Vince.


Actor Matthew Schulze played Vince in two films in the “Fast and the Furious” series, “Fast and The Furious” and “Fast Five.” Vince met Dom in third grade, after which they quickly became best friends. Vince objected to Brian’s inclusion in the team, especially since Mia Toretto favored Brian over him. He has a strong sense of loyalty to Dom and regards the team as his family.

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Vince was seriously injured when a truck driver shot him, whose shipments he tried to hijack. He had gunshot wounds, deep lacerations, and internal bleeding. His arm got caught in a cable, but Brian releases it. Finally, he died in “Fast Five”, the fifth film of the so-called ‘The Fast Saga’. What happened to Matthew Schulze after his stint on “Fast and Furious”?

Matthew Schulze is an American actor and musician. He became known for his role as Vince on “Fast and The Furious” and “Fast Five.” He participated in several movies and television series, demonstrating his talent and versatility.

Schulze made his big-screen debut in the 1998 action film Blade, where he played Crease. He was also on an episode of Charmed, titled “Dream Sorcerer.” In 1999, Schulze landed a lead role in Woody Keith’s film “Dementia.”

His next film was the teen comedy “Boys and Girls.” In 2001, she starred in “Downward Angel.” The same year he also appeared in The Fast and the Furious. Schulze returned in Blade II playing the murderous vampire Chupa Blood pack, and in the same year Schulze was cast as another villain in The Transporter. In 2004 he appeared in Torque.

After passing through “Fast and Furious”, Matthew Schulze participated in the movie “Action Point”, the last project in which he participated. Since then he has not been seen in another film production.

Schulze has also worked on television series such as “Pacifico Azul”, “Enchanted”, “Seventh Heaven”, “CSI Miami”, “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Bad herbs”.

The American actor is currently 48 years old. You have an account on Instagram, but you are not an active user on that social network. He has only shared three photos, the last was from July 2017.

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