Farmers again hit by unseasonal rains, Rabi crop destroyed in Haryana


Farmers have once again been hit by unseasonal rains. Rabi crops standing in the field have been damaged in many districts of Haryana due to rain on Friday. There is concern among the farmers due to the almost ready crop being affected. Bhiwani and Charkhi after rain on Friday evening

farmers (Farmers) but once again unseasonal rain (Unseasonal Rains) has been killed. Haryana (Haryana) due to rain on FridayHaryanaRabi crops standing in the field have been damaged in many districts. There is concern among the farmers due to the almost ready crop being affected. After the rain on Friday evening, Bhiwani and Charkhi Dadri districts have reported maximum damage. Farmers said that mustard was about to be harvested in the coming weeks, but due to rain, the crop has fallen. This time the farmers were expecting better yields.

Balbir Singh, a farmer from Charkhi Dadri district has cultivated mustard on 12 acres of land. He said that mustard was to be harvested after 10 days. We were expecting a bumper crop this time and the price of mustard was also Rs 7000 per quintal. We were expecting profit, but this has happened for the third consecutive year in the sector. The government should give us Rs 60,000 per acre as compensation.

‘Government should give compensation on the basis of 65 thousand rupees per acre’

Karampal Sheoran, a farmer from Bhiwani district, said that the entire mustard crop and more than 80 percent of the wheat have been damaged. There is a blanket of hail on the fields. We have never seen such a good harvest since 1997, but the hail has done a lot of damage. The government can give us compensation, but that will not be enough. We were expecting more than 10 quintals of mustard from an average farm, which would have fetched Rs 70,000 per acre. Even if the government will give compensation, it will be very less.

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Tosham MLA and Congress leader Kiran Choudhary, while talking to Hindustan Times, urged the government to do girdawari and give compensation of Rs 65,000 per acre to the farmers for the damage caused to the mustard crop. He said that first the farmers had to deal with the shortage of urea and then there was hailstorm in the area. The farmers have not yet received compensation for the damage caused to their crops earlier this year. The government should give them timely compensation.

Haryana Agriculture Minister JP Dalal said that we have received information about the damage to crops due to unseasonal rains. Our government is concerned about the affected farmers. He said that we will visit the area. Farmers need not worry. The government will compensate the crop loss.


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