Faisal Khan: The Face of Mr. UAE 2020

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

“Having a strong work ethic makes people more successful ”. I suppose this is what going to suit best for our main character in this article.

Our world corresponds of lots of people who impact others to do the right effects. These people are generally known as influencers. One such influencer is Mr. Faisal Khan who achieved lots of success on his own and became a successful businessman and an influencer.

Faisal Khan was born on 31st of January, 1978 in Dubai. This talented person soon became a food blogger, influencer, model and a veritably successful businessman in United Arab Emirates. He also held great interest in music. When Faisal Khan was in his early 20s, he started his modelling career. His great model like features including black silky shiny hair and beautiful Hazel eyes, personality and unique physic suited best for his modelling career. At the age of 42, he won the title of Mr. UAE 2020. Presently he has a height of 5.83 and weighs 90 kg.

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He has completed studies from Westminster Dubai and done his business administration from ASTI Academy Dubai, he received his diploma.

Shams Al Had Entertainment , where he is the co-founder, the ambassador of Badshah group of companies, along with that, he is also the event organizer. He made a collaboration with DIAFA Awards 2022 (the most valued award in UAE and across several nations in the world).

His is the first to organize the Tiktokers event in the most famous Players cafe in Dubai 2019

One of his most anticipated collaborations is the EMIGALA Fashion Awards 2023 with whom he is expecting a bigger-than-ever collaboration.

At this age and also coming from the 90s generation he has achieved a lot from his hard work, smart work and passion.

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