Experience Limitlessness with Nimbus Agro Farms, in conversation with Mr. Sandeep Kumar Prasad

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Nimbus Group is creating a legacy with over 22,000 happy customers led by 1800+ professionals with expertise in diverse fields. While Nimbus Group has established a name for itself in the industry, it is time to deep dive into their latest venture — Nimbus Agro Farm. The latest addition to their host of verticals provides a sense of homeland, facilitating sustainable farmhouse plots at affordable rates. The brand is a division of Nimbus Group, offering exceptional value for money in the investment of the land and farmhouse.  The perfect idea to relish farm life and land investments, known to be the fastest-growing farmland developer company. This could all be achievable through the navigator of the ship, Mr. Sandeep Prasad, Founder and Director of Nimbus Adcom Pvt. Ltd.

Since its inception, Nimbus Group has diversified and added multiple verticals as part of its expansion plans. How has the journey for the firm been so far? 

It all began with Nimbus Adcom, a brand that is really close to my heart and one that kickstarted this journey for me. Since its inception, we have been able to grow the Adcom vertical tenfold and our vision remains the same for all divisions of Nimbus Group. Growth is a term that both large and small companies strive to attain and it plays a vital role for any company. The growth of an organisation leads to success and afterwards brand expansions, Nimbus has indeed diversified and added multiple verticals as part of the expansion plans. Nimbus IT Solutions (Information Technology), Nimbus BPO (Outsourcing Services), Nimbus Educom (Educational Services), Nimbus Hire (Recruitment Agency), and Nimbus Cloud (Network Solutions). The idea of Nimbus Agro Farms is one of the major and significant divisions of the group. The foundation was conceived when Nimbus Group was building businesses for thousands of clients all around the country, offering the best sustainable farmhouse plots at affordable rates. Most companies want to run their business to prosper not just to survive, and we are here to conquer. 

The Nimbus name has a strong market presence and much of that is due to you, how has the ride been for you so far? 

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Every organisation has their ups and lows, we have it too. But it depends on how you take it. For us, we consider our lows as challenges. With a track record of success and serving 22,000 happy customers, Nimbus has a strong market presence which is possible due to our impeccable team of IT and marketing professionals. ‘???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????????.’ The organisation highly believes in teamwork. Furthermore Nimbus today employs diverse teams of specialists, hand-picked for their talent and commitment to helping clients succeed and gain a decisive competitive edge in highly competitive global markets. 

Under your guidance, Nimbus Agro Farms has garnered a reputation in the industry. 

Nimbus is a class by itself and the brand stands distinct in the market. Our love for nature and the importance to stay connected with our roots are accentuated by our visits to these farmlands. With Nimbus Agro Farm, our mission and vision are to provide those interested with the opportunity to invest in a certain industry and also avail the opportunity to surround themselves with hundreds of different species of plants, trees and flowers. Additionally, the owners of the land can also enjoy the comforts of basic amenities such as a stable electricity supply, water, Wi-Fi and many more. As a testament to the services we offer, Nimbus Agro Farms is on the verge of overtaking some of the leading land companies in the market. Adding to the plethora of services offered, we also possess a pool of the fastest-growing farmlands that help our customers with the best options. 

What has been your mantra for success in setting up multiple wings of Nimbus Group in a short span of time? 

At Nimbus, we aim further than to provide solutions that impact business. Together the opportunities are infinite and “discover what we can do for you!’’. We aim to change the way you do business.  For a company’s success, it is very crucial for any organisation to bind and keep the employees intact.  This foundation is not merely a company but a family including people who are devoted and committed to each other, moreover to the company’s goal. Hence, if the organisation members are passionate and determined toward the company’s goal, the company eventually grows and achieves greater heights.

Nimbus BPO has grown from 15 to 1500 employees in a matter of time, what has been the secret behind such a rise?

We believe in a well-built strong foundation that is solid and tamed from its base. Nimbus BPO has grown rapidly in a short span of time as an outcome of our approach to training the individuals before employing them, so they master their work. Expertise in IT services, in house setup where we have our own equipment and infrastructural abilities to run the BPO services unhindered. Hence, Nimbus is well equipped to handle all glitches so that BPO services do not get affected. Thousands of calls are handled every day at Nimbus BPO and we firmly believe that good quality calls are paramount for keeping customer service intact.

What is next for Nimbus Agro Farms and Nimbus BPO?

We have laid a strong foundation for our operations and paid utmost attention to maintaining a positive work environment through our core values and people practices. By doing this, we not only aim to foster an inclusive, intellectual and efficiency-driven culture but also focus on making Nimbus Agro Farms and Nimbus BPO into industry leaders. As we scale and evolve, we will strive to manifest our values and practices in our everyday work and the long term processes. 

What is your advice to young entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow?

For those who are planning to start their own business or have hit stagnancy, it is imperative to constantly build and expand your knowledge, contacts and experience. For young entrepreneurs, these three things are vital in shaping the future of their business. Further, it is important to set up a team and nurture them through coaching and mentoring coupled with innovation and opportunities. Lastly, as the world is continually changing, any entrepreneur should be able to change with time and subsequently, evolve their business processes too. 

Nimbus Agro Farms is your latest venture. How did you shift from the IT industry to Agro Estate Company?

With the success of Nimbus BPO, we felt that it was time to shift and the farmland sector appealed to us on a business and personal level. Our IT business is well-established and realizes year-on-year growth, something that allowed us to focus our time and energy on another project. To aid in the growth of our latest division, Mr. Yogesh Thakur, President of Strategy and Planning has played a pivotal role in making Nimbus Agro Farm an industry leader. His 15 years of experience in the real estate industry along with our understanding of the current scenario, we realised personal and mental growth are of importance. Further, our vision with Nimbus Agro Farm remains to be the connection between investors and provide them with numerous opportunities to grow with their owned farmland. Despite a completely different sector, I am confident of the team’s ability and resilience to overcome any obstacles. 

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Yogesh Thakur: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thakuryogesh/

Sandeep Kumar Prasad: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandeep-prasad-nimbus/

Nimbus Agro Farms: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nimbusagrofarm/

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