Everything You Know So Far About Criminal Minds Season 16

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Criminal Minds season 16 revival at Paramount+! We are still in the first days of this and due to that, some different details have to be exercised.

With that being said, we could at least resolve one part of the equation now: Just how many episodes the brand new version of the series will allegedly have.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plan right now is to create ten episodes of this new season at the streaming support, and that it will have an anthology format where each season revolves around a case. That differs, of course, from the original CBS show that has been largely procedural.

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There are a whole lot of advantages to the shorter season, with the primary one to people being that it gives the cast and crew a chance to both do this and other projects. That might be especially attractive to a from the first cast especially — chances are, some familiar faces are going to be a part of this new show! It just remains to be seen just how many you’ll be seeing, and we are waiting some time to get more statements on that. (Even though not all of them are series regulars, we hope that they at least turn up here and there.)

What do you most want to see when it regards a Criminal Minds season 16 revival?

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