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Azizler recounts the account of Aziz, who, in the wake of aching for his childhood, experiences an existential emergency. He is disappointed with his work or individual life and who is seized by his sister and his family, who have lived with him for quite a while.

His relationship with his sweetheart following 4 years is likewise not the best spot and he additionally wants to end it. Additionally, he needed his since quite a while ago failed to remember opportunity, and when he least anticipated it, he would quickly have the occasion to get away from the dark opening he fell in. In any case, he understood that this made him an obsessive liar to where he was unable to return.


Aziz is centered around middle age and isn’t content with what he has. He disdains her work and is a long way from her fantasies than she needs. After his brother by marriage isolated, his sister and family lived in his home, making it hard for him to discover harmony at home. His nephew Kaner is a terrible kid and he transforms the house into damnation for his nephew despite the fact that he is simply searching for unwinding.

Aziz accepts his relationship with Burku closes following four years of dating. Consistently her requirement for isolation and time develops. Additionally, there are numerous men who like to be free. He is stuck in a cycle and should discover an exit plan. Openings emerged for him when he felt significantly more edgy than any time in recent memory. The man needed to feel free to lie. This is an open door that Aziz ought not miss. She never needed the results she needed to suffer, yet it changed her life totally.

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Significant Crew Members In The Series “Azizler”

How about we view the Azizler group and the creation group

Chief: Tylan Brothers

Screenwriter: Berkun Oya

Organizations: Netflix Original

Azizler Release Date: When is it coming out?

On eighth January 2021, the arrangement “Azizler” will be delivered on Friday ( as indicated by the Netflix declaration). Two different movies were delivered around the same time, including “Villain’s Light” and “I Carry You With Me”.

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