Euphoria Season 2 Details Revealed Know More about Star Cast

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Euphoria season 2

Euphoria Season 2 is still in production but, fans are eagerly waiting for it and the official release date is not announced yet. Euphoria Season 1 featured Spiderman’s fame Zendaya, perfectly donning the role of a sixteen-year-old high school girl, facing many problems during adulthood face. She is a recovering addict who is switching between her old life while trying to maintain a healthy relationship with Jules. Euphoria suddenly became the most relatable show of 2019 with gripping characters that had a relatable backstory of their own and weren’t just riding in the coattails of the main stars.

Euphoria Season 2

Zendaya confirmed that she had received a call for the second season and it was a definite possibility now. HBO has renewed the successful season after a month of its premiere on the platform. There were two bridge episodes released for the meantime that kept the viewers engaged while season 2 could film amid the pandemic. HBO did share a teaser in 2019 including Euphoria Season 3 but has since then deleted the part. With production delays setting in due to the pandemic, Euphoria Season 2 doesn’t have a confirmed release date as of yet. The writing team has proposed a new set of characters that can affect the course of the story, for better or worse.

Second Season of Euphoria Star Cast

Euphoria season 2 retains all of your beloved characters that include Zendaya as Rue along with the following stars:

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  1. Jules as Hunter Schafer
  2. Nate as Jacob Elordi
  3. Kat as Barbie Ferreira
  4. Cassie as Sydney Sweeney
  5. Maddyas Alexa Demie
  6. Lexi as Maude Apatow
  7. Fez as Angus Cloud
  8. McKay as Algee Smith
  9. Rue’s sister Gia as Storm Reid
  10. Nate’s dad Cal as Eric Dane
  11. Rue and Gia’s mum Leslie as Nika King
  12. Kat’s love interest Ethan as Austin Abrams
  13. Colman Domingo as Ali
  14. Jules’ father David as John Ales


New Proposed Characters with backstory for Euphoria season 2 as per

DARIAN: Male. 18+ to play 17. Any ethnicity. An outsider. Sensitive. Vulnerable. Mischievous. Could struggle with addiction. Definitely not the cool kid at school but one of the more interesting kids.

RAY: Male. 18+ to play 17. Any ethnicity. Attractive in a real and accessible way. Working-class. Pure heart. Might be going nowhere in life but has a smile so genuine it’s not depressing. Scrappy but a fighter.

AMI: Female. 18-20s. Drug addict. Stripper. Hates her boyfriend. Talks shit. Can’t read a room. Can make a bad situation worse.

SERENA: Female. 50s+, Caucasian. Sassy and tough. A real character.”

It’s yet to be confirmed if these made into the final cut of the Euphoria season 2.

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