Escape Room Tournament Of Champions Details You Should Know

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Escape Room Tournament Of Champions

Escape Room the tournament of Champions has launched globally on July 16, 2021. Still, depending on your geographical location, the release date might vary. USA movie buffs can enjoy it in theatres without any difficulty. Still, for many countries plagued with the pandemic, the release might be a little late. The makers of Escape Room Tournament of Champions have decided not to release the movie on video streaming websites, at least for now. They believe that the movie should be enjoyed only in theatres. How much wise is that decision will soon reflect in the box office earnings of the thriller mystery. Still, Netflix and Amazon prime users around the globe are very much disappointed with the decision.

What’s new in the Escape Room Tournament of Champions?

The first movie killed pretty much the whole cast, barring the two young survivors, Zoey Davis and Ben Miller, portrayed by Taylor Russell and Logan Miller. The sequel introduces a brand new cast and the previous two survivors leading the movie to escape from the new traps laid by the evil corporation MIOS. The trailer reveals the basic plot, a power struggle to determine the best among the best players. The movie starts when the survivors of previous escape rooms are pitted against one another in a subway ride. The director did hint at new traps and complex elements that would be a part of the sequel. It is hard to topple the standards set by the first movie, and if the escape rooms disappoint in the sequel, the franchise may very well be dead before it even began.

Initial Reviews of the Escape Room Tournament of Champions

Critics weren’t die-hard fans of the first part and display the same rating average with the Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. Despite the average ratings, Escape Room made 15 times the initial budget of 10 million dollars. So, if the theatre occupancy is good, the sequel may hit more than that amount despite the average ratings. It is mindless entertainment at its best; as Mike McGranaghan of Aisle Seat said..the audience reviews are significantly higher for the series, and it appears that the audience loves the puzzles and escape rooms portrayed in the sequel. That being said, you cannot afford to miss such an exemplary attempt by the directors.

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