Entrepreneur Chelsea Alexandria Drummonds Talks Muscle Hustle

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Chelsea Alexandria Drummonds

Chelsea Alexandria Drummonds has dedicated her business to the fitness lifestyle. Drummonds is focused on changing lives, with her company, Muscle Hustle Clothing. Launched in July 2020, Muscle Hustle Clothing serves the purpose of using fitness as a therapy, of sorts, to support mental health.

The brand’s focus is to combat mental illnesses, such as severe stress, anxiety, and depression. Their goal is to help people become healthier, both mentally and physically. They hope to bring more awareness to the mental health community.

Muscle Hustle Clothing will soon be touring to different states to host classes, both in-person and virtual. Company CEO, Chelsea Alexandria Drummonds wants to help transform the lives of people, inside and out. Their aim is to sponsor events, in May and September, Mental Health Awareness Month and Suicide Awareness Month.

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