Enola Holmes Part 2 release date

Enola Holmes Part 2

Enola holmes are back for the sequel?

YES YES!!! Team Enola Holmes is back again with another movie’s sequel estimated to be released on 23rd September 2021. The cast is most likely to stay the same as fans are pleased with the previous movie cast after covering the first book in Part 1 of the movie written by Nancy Springer. The sequel will be most likely be based on the 2nd part of the movie as fans can’t wait to watch it after being officially announced by Netflix in May that the movie will be returning for the 2nd season.

Enola Holmes Part 1 and Plot for Part 2?

Enola Holmes part 1  was a big hit all around the world release on OTT platform Netflix which was Netflix originals featuring Milley Bobby Brown, Henry Cavil, Louis Patridge was a huge buzz-worthy movie it followed the story of Sherlock Holmes & Mycroft Holmes sister Enola a story that was fresh and untouched. Season 2 of the movie is estimated to release on September 23, 2021. It was watched by a total of 76 million users within 28 days of its release. And it remained in the Top 10 of Netflix movies for quite a long time.

Audience Reaction?

The audience is very excited about the new case that Enola will be solving in this sequel and the romance between Enola (Milly) &Tewkesbury (Louis) as in the first season, we saw the light of budding friendship and a hint of romance as well. Everything aside, we are very much excited and ready for season 2 of Enola Holmes with a great cast and storyline.

Get your seat belt and marked the date on Calendar 23rd September 2021 is going to be a whole rollercoaster ride of mystery, emotion, fun & romance. Fierce Enola Holmes is back with a season 2.


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