Enhancing the features of face, permanent make-up in Chandigarh is the new trend.

Shivam Madaan
Shivam Madaan

Beautiful facial features and an attractive charm is something everyone dreams of, not to mention how the first impression becomes the last impression, beauty matters a lot. However, beauty never stays the same and at a certain limit of age, the facial features become dull and unattractive. Although this is quite natural, people are quite hesitant about the changes that occur periodically. Our skin is very delicate and we should be taking care of it whatsoever.

What is Permanent Makeup?

If you are into beauty, you must know about Permanent Makeup. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure where some designs are made through the process of permanent pigmentation of the dermis, which is quite similar to makeup and enhances the beauty of certain areas of the face. The procedure is done when distinctive parts of the facial features might seem dull or are a result of some kind of illness. Different types of permanent makeup include micro-blading technique, permanent lip tinting, permanent tightline, and many more.

Types of permanent makeup procedures

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• Microblading

A procedure where fine and short strokes similar to the hair structure are made using a tool filled with permanent pigmentation. This pigmentation is filled or scratched across the hairline to increase the density and make the eyebrows look fuller. Two to three sittings are done every 40 days while doing it for the first time.

i. Cost of the whole procedure – the overall cost of the procedure starts from 15,000 to 20,000 INR.

ii. Next touchup – the pigmentation stays well for 7 to 8 months while touchups are necessary every 1 year.

iii. Cosmetic brows – gives the eyebrows kind of a makeup look. Shading is also preferred in this procedure as it completes a makeup look enhancing the eyebrows.

iv. Procedure timing – 2 to 3 hours (first pigmentation done with a numbing cream), 1 to 2 hours ( when going for a follow-up pigmentation)

• Permanent lip tinting

When the pigmentation is infused into the lips to give a different shade and look healthier and fuller, the procedure is known as lip tinting. Usually done when the natural lips turn dull or look unattractive, the pigmentation is used to color lips in different shades which gives the lips a natural look.

i. Total cost – 20,000 to 25,000 INR on an average

ii. Next touchup – the procedure is carried out in scheduled sittings over every 40 days and the next touchup is done every 1 year.

iii. Procedure timing – takes 2 to 3 hours during the first treatment, then 1 to 2 hours for touchups.

• Eyelash Lifting – the curling of eye lashes from the base to the tip so as to see the full length of the lashes.

i. Cost of the procedure – 10,000 INR for the whole procedure

ii. Next touchup – the patient can go for the next touchup as per the requirement, which can be starting from every 3 to 4 months to a year.

iii. Procedure timing – takes about an hour for the first time and follow-ups.

These are the most preferred and mostly done permanent makeup procedures.

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