Emir Hamzic : Tennis Superstar, Entrepreneur & Global Star

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins
Emir Hamzic

“Great men are never born great, they grow great.” – Emir Hamzic

The above quote says more than anything else could ever describe the global sport and entrepreneur phenomena, Emir Hamzic. Emir Hamzic is a Serbian-American former Professional Tennis player, ATP Certified Global Professional Tennis Coach, and Serial Entrepreneur. He is also the founder of HAMZIC All American Training, which is a personal brand of Hamzic, where he offers high-performance tennis training to his clients. To say that he is an all-rounder rising star, would do him injustice.

Emir Hamzic was born on 17th January 1997 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Born to Serbian parents, Hamzic became one of the most elite athletes to have ever come out of the state of New Jersey. Hamzic served as a hitting partner in his junior year for the ATP tennis player Alex Bogomolov Jr.

He took on a professional career as a professional model to support his dream of a professional tennis player financially and has even walked in fashion events such as the New York Fashion Week before he won a national championship at just the age of 20. He graduated from Kean University with honours in Elizabeth, New Jersey where he majored in Exercise Science and completed his degree with a 4.0 GPA in his last semester.

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Hamzic after winning his national collegiate championship at just 20 years of age, eventually decided to dedicate all of his time and efforts to coaching full time. He has worked with pioneer tennis coach Nick Bollettieri. After acquiring 250 clients independently, he decided to officially launch his business. In 2019, Hamzic established HAMZIC All American Training, which is a private tennis coaching business that initially provided its service to New Jersey and New York, but has recently branched out and runs in Chicago, Illinois. Hamzic is the director here of an elite tennis program.

Currently, Hamzic is an academy and travel coach. Hamzic in an interview stated, “I always wanted to be a boss so I made myself one, ownership was always the goal.” And he indefinitely stands true to his words, he continues to work with ATP players, ATP coaches, top trainers, and elite athletes who have processed to play NCAA and professionally.

He continues to mentor future champions, dominating the tennis court with his guidance and the world of business with his entrepreneurial success. At just 23, Emir Hamiz is dominating the world of sports both in the field and at the office, he is the rising star, who has an eye for talent and great business drive. He has featured in various magazines and has been called to dominate both the Tennis Court and Business World by Forbes India. He is definitely going to strive for excellence and achieve success with his motivation and skills in whichever field he chooses.

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