Elvish Yadav: Elvish Yadav left for Punjab to meet his girlfriend, promised to show his face, know what happened then?

The winner of Bigg Boss OTT season 2, got a lot of discussion about his mystery girlfriend in the show. At the same time, after the show is over, he has reached Chandigarh city of Punjab to meet his girlfriend.


Bigg Boss OTT 2 Winner Elvish Yadav has been continuously in the news since Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. His love life is more discussed than his. He had said about his girlfriend in the Bigg Boss house that she lives in Punjab. Now he has said to show the face of his girlfriend. Like Elvish Yadav, his mystery girl is also in the limelight. In such a situation, he promised to bring his girlfriend in front of the fans. Elvish has released his new video. In which he informed me that he had reached Chandigarh to meet his girlfriend.

Bigg Boss winner reached the Punjab

Elvish Yadav has shared a video titled ‘Meet my Punjab Wali Girlfriend’, in which he is seen with his friends in a hotel room in Chandigarh. The blog started with Elvish informing his fans that he was in Chandigarh and would be visiting his Punjabi girlfriend today. He asked the fans to be ready to see his girlfriend. After this, he went to get ready.

After getting dressed, Elvish came out. After getting ready, Elvish said, “Today I am ready, ready means I got ready like this after the Bigg Boss finale.” Then he took out his Gucci glasses and told me that he had received them as a gift. Elvish said, “Do you understand why I came to Punjab? Remember in Bigg Boss, I had said about my girlfriend from Punjab, I would like to meet her. I have come to meet you.”

Arrived on a date in Mercedes

Further in the blog, Elvish made a video call to his sister and wished her Rakshabandhan. His sister lives in Thailand. He also talked to his niece. Elvis further showed the Mercedes car, which he drove to meet his girlfriend.

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What did Elvish Yadav girlfriend say?

Elvish Yadav said in the video after a while that he returned after meeting his girlfriend. He wanted to bring his girlfriend in front of the camera, but she refused saying that she wanted to keep her life private. His friends also made fun of YouTubers and said, “We would have got together first.”

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