Elba Prescoli, the top trending Spanish model defines “The new sexy.”

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Elba Prescoli

The young charismatic model Elba Prescoli has taken many initiatives and efforts to bring a difference in people’s lives during the pandemic era.
Modelling and fashion industry has been one of the most growing industries in recent times along with the other technological advents and advances that the society and economy have witnessed. Providing a huge base of opportunities within the modelling industry, it is one big house for many talented people. The recent global pandemic era has not been kind at all to most of the people in the modelling realm as well. With economies tumbling down, fashion and modelling industry has also suffered getting life for millions to stand still. We came across one such amazing talented model Elba Prescoli who has been mesmerising everyone in the modelling industry by her flamboyance, persona, and style. Proving her prowess within the modelling industry she exudes pure natural talent flourishing as a top Spanish model. Elba also shares about her opinion of being sexy. She says, “ There are many who are beautiful but are not confident and there are women who do not top in the looks chart but exude extreme confidence and accept the way they are, confidently,” that according to Elba is sexy. She also opines that people need to be comfortable in their own skin and body and feel confident about it rather than trying to be someone else and pretending to be comfortable. “Loving yourself, the way you look and treating your body in a better way is essential to being sexy and desirable. Just embrace the way you are and see the change it makes in your life.”
Elba has also come forward during the current testing times of the global pandemic era which has affected millions across the globe. Elba through her solidarity initiative has been instrumental in rendering help to many affected people.
Elba continues to hustle hard for others to bring about a positive change in their lives. We hope she inspires millions others on route. Do follow her on Instagram @elbaprescooli.

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