Ed Sheeran Announces New Album, His Wife Develops Tumor In Pregnancy

"I just didn't give the tunes any thought. I just wrote whatever came to mind...," said Ed Sheeran

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After learning that his wife had a tumor and that his buddy Jamal Edwards had passed away suddenly at 31. Ed Sheeran claims that he “spiraled” into sadness last year. Cherry Seaborn, the star’s childhood girlfriend, whom he married in 2019. He was informed that she had a tumor while carrying their second kid. “No route to therapy till after birth.”, he said. The celebrity was now involved in a copyright trial and appeared in court daily.

Ed Sheeran

Ed’s new album with ‘sadness and hope’

The artist said in a handwritten message shared on social media that the tragic consequences of those events “affected my life, my mental health, and eventually the way I regarded music.” He thus abandoned “hundreds” of the tracks he had created for his planned sixth album. In May of last year, Sheeran and Seaborn welcomed their second daughter. The musician forgot to provide an update on his wife’s health.

Ed Sheeran

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Sheeran wrote to his followers to let them know that the acoustic album (Subtract), which was composed against “a backdrop of sadness and hope,” had been released. It was produced by Aaron Dessner. The album was widely anticipated as the capstone to his “mathematical phase,” which started in 2011 with + (Plus) and included the albums x (Multiply), (Division), and =. (Equals). But during the course of a week of high emotions in February of last year, when the star was “spiraling into fear, sorrow, and worry,” the entire movie was redone.

Ed Sheeran experiencing deep loss for his late friend

A coroner reported that it took place after Edwards, who gave Sheeran his big break, abruptly passed tragically from a heart attack after consuming cocaine and alcohol. A short while later, Sheeran was charged with ripping off his well-known song Shape of You, which triggered a three-week copyright trial. Even though he ultimately prevailed, the singer and Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol stated the lawsuit had put “extreme pressure” on them.

Sheeran utilized songs to “make sense” of his feelings and get through those events. “I felt like I was drowning, with my head below the water’s surface, staring up but unable to break through for breath,” the man recalled. “Just didn’t give the tunes any thought; I just wrote whatever came to mind. Also replaced ten years’ worth of effort with my worst ideas in less than a week. Instead of trying to make an album that people will enjoy, I’m just releasing something that is genuine and true to where I am in my adult life.”

Ed Sheeran finally made his track list public

That is letting a trapdoor into my soul open. Sheeran performed a few concerts in London, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, and Paris to unveil the first song before the album’s scheduled release date of May 5. The single’s debut follows January’s F64, a one-off that was an emotional response to Jamal Edwards’ passing.

Ed Sheeran

The final tracklist, which was made public on Wednesday morning, does not include that song.

  1. Boat
  2. Salt Water
  3. Eyes Closed
  4. Life Goes On
  5. Dusty
  6. End Of Youth
  7. Colourblind
  8. Curtains
  9. Borderline
  10. Spark
  11. Vega
  12. Sycamore
  13. No Strings
  14. The Hills of Aberfeldy

Sheeran, whose songs Shape of You and Thinking Out Loud are among the most streamed songs of all time, became one of Britain’s biggest music artists as a result of his mathematical quintology. According to a press statement from Sheeran’s record company, Atlantic, Subtract will now include “pared back, folk-leaning textures to louder, full-band/orchestral compositions.” The album was initially intended to be an acoustic one.

Ed Sheeran

Ed on his writing style

“Instead of trying to make an album that people will enjoy. I’m just releasing something that is genuine and true to where I am in my adult life.” The celebrity also shared a mysterious Instagram video that switched between footage of what seemed to be a child’s birthday celebration and his song titles scratched into the coastline of a windy beach. Dessner is widely known as the lead singer of the alternative rock band. The National, produced Sheeran’s album after the two were matched by mutual friend Taylor Swift.

Ed Sheeran

For Swift’s Grammy Award-winning lockdown album Folklore, Dessner previously worked with her. “This is my attempt to make sense of the journal entry I made in February of last year.”, Sheeran said. “This is Subtract”


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