Durgesh Singh Kushwah -a revolutionary entrepreneur and a cybersecurity professional who is leading the industry ahead with his abilities

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Durgesh Singh Kushwah

Durgesh Singh Kushwah is a cyber-security expert and entrepreneur. He founded FGS Group of Companies, a multinational company that specializes in IT services, software development, and cyber security.

Durgesh Singh Kushwah was born in Small Town of Madhya Pradesh, India. He dropped his bachelor’s degree from People’s University in the field of Management. He began his career as a cybercrime investigator for the Indian police.

In 2022, Durgesh Singh Kushwah founded FGS Private Limited with the goal of providing clients with top-notch IT services and software development at reasonable prices. His experience as an cyber Security Expert for the Indian police allowed him to develop an understanding of how to keep computers running efficiently and safely while maintaining privacy and security for users on every level—from users’ data centres to their mobile devices and even home networks.

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