Dream in the Demon’s Castle Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Every Latest News

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Not so long ago, the anime premiere of “A Dream in the Demon’s Castle” took place. After watching the first season of the Japanese animated series, fans appreciated the comedic situations and the easy anime plot, perceived as a video game with pop-up pictures with information about the characters. Viewers are looking forward to showing the second season. The release date for season 2 of the anime “Dream in the Demon’s Castle” is scheduled for December 2021.

Events unfold in a certain kingdom, where people and demons coexist. For many years, supernatural creatures lived in peace and harmony with people, until the evil and insidious demon king decides to destroy this idyll. One day, he kidnaps a princess of human origin in order to subsequently take away human lands and destroy their state. The inhabitants of the kingdom are saddened and agitated by the abduction of their queen, whom they love very much.

Dream in the Demon’s Castle season 2 Release Date

The comedic twelve serial anime was appreciated by viewers, the animated series scored high ratings. A second season is eagerly awaited. According to preliminary information, the release date of season 2 “A Dream in the Demon’s Castle” is scheduled for December 2021.

The princess, imprisoned in the castle, does not seem at all upset about the abduction. She understands that the demons are not going to kill, torture and torment her, so she is going to sleep in a boring and dull castle, because the queen, with her routine employment, had absolutely no time to sleep, she only had time to touch the pillow and immediately fell asleep.

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But one very important problem appears in the demon’s castle: the bed for sleeping is completely uncomfortable, the pillow is hard, there are no sleep masks at all, and there are a lot of reasons why Princess Aurora cannot fall asleep, which makes her furious. Sleepy princess is just ready to kill all those who dare to disturb her sleep. Aurora does not give a descent to the kidnappers, they have more than once regretted that they had kidnapped an obnoxious and wayward girl.

Having found a common language with the demons who bring her keys, the princess goes in search of a better place to sleep in the castle. One day she wakes up in a coffin, but this fact does not frighten the capricious and harmful person at all. She realizes that under the thick coffin lid is a perfectly quiet place to sleep. Aurora is visited by bears, which she decides to comb and make a comfortable pillow from their fur.

The inhabitants of the human kingdom grieve over the loss of the princess, they are afraid to imagine how difficult it is for her in the absence of luxurious service. A young man called Akatsuki to free the princess. Will the hero be able to save the young princess on a dangerous journey? Will the demon king Tasogare turn the life of a princess into hell? Will Princess Aurora get enough sleep? Who will win the unequal battle?

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