“Dragon Ball Super”: Vegeta, Will He Be The New God Of Destruction Of Universe 7?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

“Dragon Ball” has gone through many evolutions over the years, but it has always remained with the same main characters. One of them is Vegeta, who started out as one of the strongest enemies Goku ever faced. Now, everything seems like he will return to his beginnings because he would become the next God of Destruction surpassing Bills.

When fans first saw Vegeta, he had come into the lives of Goku and the Z Warriors as a terrible enemy. Calling himself the Prince of the Saiyans, he killed many people on his way to gain more power, but he found his best friend in Goku, as much as he hates to admit it.

For a long time Goku and Vegeta have grown in power together, training and reaching the same levels of power with each transformation of the Super Saiyan. With Goku reaching Ultra Instinct, Vegeta was only able to achieve a second Super Saiyan Blue Evolution evolution, but not something similar to Ultra Instinct.

However, the latest “Dragon Ball Super” manga could indicate that this would change soon. Everything seems to indicate that Vegeta would become the next God of Destruction, all in order to overcome Goku and the new technique that he has learned from the same deities.

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The beginning of the arc of “Granola The Survivor” sees Goku and Vegeta return home of Bills for more training. As Whis trains Goku in the progress of the Ultra Instinct power, Vegeta and Bills watch from the ground as they are both clearly at different levels.

Beerus asks if Vegeta will follow in Goku’s footsteps to master Ultra Instinct, but Veget has vowed not to pursue Goku’s path again , so he’s not interested in mastering Ultra Instinct. Furthermore, in the Tournament of Power he attempted to reach that state but made it clear that he could never achieve the peace of mind that is needed to activate it.

When Bills hears that, he tells Vegeta a secret little: The Ultra Instant or just one of the divine powers that can be mastered: “The Ultra Instinct is not the only technique of the gods,” says Bills to Vegeta. “That’s just the specialty of the Angels. Or did you think that we Gods of Destruction would run using a move where you must keep your heart calm and collected?”

Vegeta wants Bills to teach him “this technique that the Gods of Destruction use,” but Bills angrily says that training people ” is not in his job description .” However, even when Beerus is destroying Vegeta’s hopes, he invites the Saiyan to follow him and “steal” that power.

Since the series featured and later developed the mythology surrounding the Gods of Destruction, fans have come up with numerous theories that Vegeta is the clear candidate for the job. Now, there is a divine power that goes along with Vegeta’s personality type, just as the Ultra Instinct goes well to Goku.

Beerus taking Vegeta under his wing is a story thread that fans hope will grow over time. Just as they watched Toppo become a God of Destruction (or at least utilize this dark energy), Granola may be the perfect justification for Vegeta to show the fruits of his future training with Bills and surpass Goku once and for all. in their way.

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