Dracula Season 2: Release Date What Happens Next In The Second Part?

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

While some fans are excited about a second Dracula installment , the creators have not made any confirmation.

Showrunner Mark Gatiss once hinted that the series might come back to life one day, with a mocking comment:

“It is difficult to kill a vampire. You know what I mean? What they do is resurrect. “

Then there may still be hope. If Dracula season 2 happens , what comes next?

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Release Date

Since the renewal of the series has not even been confirmed, it will be quite a while before any signs of new episodes appear. Let’s hope for more good news in 2021.


If the writers can possibly find a way to resurrect Dracula without ignoring the events of season 1, we can expect Claes Bang to reprise his role. We know that Sister Agatha and her new descendant died, but it is possible that actress Dolly Wells will return as another member of Van Helsings.

It is highly likely that Mark Gatiss will make a revelation one more time, just as he did in season 1 episode 3 as the morally bankrupt lawyer.

Dracula Season 2

Co-creator Steven Moffat, in an interview, commented on the possibility of Season 2 featuring a resurrection if it happens, as Dracula’s most important superpower is resurrection.

And it’s true because when the series started, Dracula was dead and he died in episode 2, but he came back to life. Also Sister Agatha. Moffat further said:

“I mean, everyone is dying on that show. So we’ll see.”

There is also the possibility that future installments of the series could feature narratives revolving around the early stages of Dracula’s life .

The creators have a penchant for adding themes that have to do with time, and how long Dracula has lived with , there would be around 500 years of intriguing stories to discover! 

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