Dr. Suresh Mansharamani : India’s Best OKR Coach on an Inspirational Journey

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Mr. Suresh Mansharamani is an entrepreneur’s mentor to millions! He is the whole package – a Business Coach, OKR Coach, Presidential Awardee, Investor, Founder of Tajurba, TEDx Speaker, and author of several works like ‘Specific Measurable Results: Objective Key Results’; ‘Own the Stage’; ‘Closing Your Sales’; ‘Super Power Networker’.

Numerous enterprises and start-ups are gaining traction in India. Consequently, the demand for trainers for businesses such as these increases to organize their actions and ensure their success on the market.

Serial entrepreneur Mr. Mansharamani has been diligent in establishing new businesses and brought many creative business ideas. Mr. Mansharamani, India’s sole OKR (OBJECTIVE KEY RESULTS) coach, has cultivated his magnetism over thousands of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and company owners via his proven modus operandi for increasing their profits. Under his leadership, a highly famous Networking Platform known as Tajurba was established, renowned for practical learning via real-world experiences and implementation.

A key characteristic of an entrepreneur is the ability to form connections, but maintaining them is also crucial. Mr. Mansharamani works directly with each trainee to develop and enhance this quality. Through his firm Tajurba, he has instilled basic tactics in entrepreneurs. The firm serves as an avuncular, counselling and aiding business owner in learning about and connecting with their prospective clients.

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He observed that large companies like Amazon and Google were using OKR “Objective Key Results” systems to raise revenue and build a profitable business. Regrettably, understanding the usage of such tools and tactics is lacking in India. Most of the world’s largest corporations have been quietly employing OKR Systems. Dr. Suresh Mansharamani is the only OKR Coach in India and over 5000 entrepreneurs have already benefited significantly from this method. Additionally, some of his Tajurba community’s enterprises have grown 100x since they started following this strategy!

The most valuable piece of advice he gives to any budding entrepreneur is to put the information gained from these books into practice. Although reading is an excellent habit, it will not yield results if it is not put into practice.

For the next five to seven years, his vision and insights are to turn India into a superpower, a country filled with entrepreneurs. He is developing a community of one crore entrepreneurs under his new venture Tajurba. In this community, they can access funding, skills, mentoring, community commerce, and everything else necessary to start and grow a business.

At the tender age of 38, the devoted mentor was presented with an award by the President in recognition of his successful business. His company got listed at Bomaby Stock Exchange in 1995 with 300 time oversubscribe IPO. 

When we think of Mr. Suresh Mansharamani at the age of 60, the term retirement takes on a whole new meaning. He has become an inspiration, motivator, and driving force for others his age. As a mentor, he focuses on leading the nation’s young saplings and nurturing them for them to grow into strong-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. As a result, they are attempting to contribute to the Indian economy.

According to Mr. Suresh, young people are the agents of change in any country. He gives counsel and coaching, but also resources, an atmosphere, and a community for entrepreneurs to flourish via his new venture Tajurba.

In contrast to the herd of followers of conventional wisdom, Dr.Suresh Mansharamani does not fit into that mold. His life has always been about THE ROAD NOT TAKEN. He is on a mission to inspire and help everyone who wants to achieve anything!

“It isn’t over until I win and everybody around me wins.” – Dr. Suresh Mansharamani

To connect: https://www.sureshmansharamani.com/

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