Dr. Amit Parihast – Visionary Author of the books “Question Bank for Accountancy Term 2″ and “CUET EXAM

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Dr. Amit Parihast

Renowned author and accountancy teacher Dr. Amit Parihast is from Gurgaon, Haryana, and is highly renowned for his work. With the help of an innovative new strategy, Dr. Amit Parihast has revolutionized teaching techniques and formulas. Having worked for more than 21 years, he has a plethora of experience. In addition to being a professor, Dr. Amit Parihast has written four books.

His books “Question Bank for Accountancy Term 2” and “CUET EXAM,” which also supported students in choosing the best careers, had a profound impact on the lives of many students. Dr. Amit Parihast understands the format of the exam questions and has perfect subject knowledge. His unlimited, endless ways and procedures increase the excitement and accessibility of accounting. Because of his attempts to build rapport with the students and encourage open communication, Dr. Amit Parihast is well-known for delivering accounting classes in Gurgaon. This makes the students more approachable and enables them to express themselves more freely and elaborate on their concerns.

Dr. Amit Parihast is born in the Madhubani district of Bihar and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal. He graduated from Delhi University with a B.Com., M.Com., and Ph.D. He has also previously lectured at a prestigious university in Delhi. In addition, he has trained 200+ successful CAs, 18 top performers in the Gurgaon district, 3 top performers in the Delhi state CBSE, and 6 top performers in the ISC Gurgaon district. He is the recipient of the Nation’s Icon Award 2022 for his exceptional work and accomplishments in the accounting industry. He currently serves as a consultant for a prestigious online education company.
Learn more – www.amitparihast.com

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