DOG SEASON 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Information

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

More recently, the NTV channel has delighted viewers with a new season of the TV series “Dog”. The plot of the series is still intrigued by new investigations. And fortunately, fans are already in production with new episodes of the seventh season. The release date for season 7 of “The Dog” is scheduled for December 2021. The audience is already in anticipation of meeting their favorite characters.

In the center of the plot are the heroes of an ordinary police department. Opera Maksim Maksimov, who abused alcohol, works here. Because of his addiction, his wife, Elena Nikolaevna, who works in the same department as a forensic expert, left him. She married the investigator Leonidov, who is also an employee of the same department and is constantly jealous of his wife for her ex-husband.

An ordinary dog helped Maxim to part with a bad habit. Then Maksimov returned to the police as an independent consultant. There is another employee in the department endowed with the qualities of a clown, Captain Gnezdilov. It is almost impossible to get rid of a stupid employee, since his uncle holds a high post of general.

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The work of the employees is difficult and no less dangerous. But the antics of the employee of Gnezdilov dilute the severity of the operatives’ everyday life. His approach to work is extremely unusual, he can safely attribute any business to an accident, and to inspect the crime scene for him is a whole task. None of the employees take Gnezdilov seriously and are sometimes ready to call him psychiatric help. Employees often make fun of each other.

The task of operatives is to investigate various cases of any complexity, including murders, thefts, and attacks, in general, all the crime. Thanks to joint and well-coordinated work: collecting evidence that Leonidov, Vakhtang and Maksimov are engaged in; a thorough examination by Elena; help to easily find the criminal. Maksimov’s prerogative is the detention of criminals, not only does he fight well, runs fast and is not afraid of anything, he still has a faithful assistant – Dog.

The sixth season of the series “The Dog” was no less exciting than the previous seasons. The police are still busy with their work: chases, shootings and fights. The main event is the murder of the restaurant owner, and later, another large businessman. The colleagues will have to solve a complicated case and find the culprits involved in the case.

The life of the heroes does not stand still. Lena suspects that Leonidov has cooled down to her, and he, in turn, thinks that he has become uninteresting to his wife. No, the couple would talk about it and go for rapprochement in a relationship. Instead, Lena complains about her relationship to her ex-husband, and Lesha looks for answers in smart books. And only Gnezdilov invariably gets confused under everyone’s feet, misinterprets the words and just “mows”. As before, his faithful friend Dog helps Maksimov in catching criminals.

Another event excites the whole city. The appearance of a maniac strangling his victims again forces the police to work hard. The investigation of the case coincides with Maksimov’s birthday, which, it seems to him, all employees have forgotten. And only a faithful dog presents him with various objects as a sign of congratulations. Of course, colleagues secretly prepared a surprise for Max, but first, together with Igor Gnezdilov, he will have to deal with real ninjas.

Dog season 7 Release date

Viewers are eagerly awaiting new episodes about the intricate affairs of their beloved series. Traditionally, viewers will be able to see the new adventures of the heroes in winter, the release date of the 7th season of “The Dog” is scheduled for December 2021.

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