Do not panic if the brakes of the car fail, keep these things in mind

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Driving Tips: If the brakes of your car fail, then you do not have to panic in such a dreadful situation, while facing it courageously. In today’s report, we will tell you some such special things that in the time of such calamity, what you should take special care of, so that by doing this you can save yourself and your vehicle from any major mishap. Let’s take a look at all those special things-

1. Don’t panic

First of all, in such a frightening situation, you do not need to panic at all. While there is a need to act with courage. Your fear may make the situation worse and you may become a victim of an accident. So when this happens, keep yourself completely calm and do not let the mind get distracted.

2. Turn on the Parking Light

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Talking about parking lights, these lights are given to you to use in any emergency. These parking lights signal to the vehicle behind that there is a problem with your vehicle. For this, first of all it is necessary to turn on the parking light.

3. Use the Gear

If the brakes stop working, change the gear of the vehicle. By doing this the speed of the car decreases. The biggest thing is that you can use this method in both manual and automatic cars. Just while changing gears, keep in mind that you should reduce the gears one by one.

4. Drive a car on the side of the road

As soon as you come to know that your vehicle’s brakes have failed, at that very moment you turn the vehicle towards the middle of the road. Because driving the car in this way on the middle of the road can harm you as well as other vehicles.

5. Use the Emergency Handbrake

In such a dire situation, you have another weapon and that is the emergency handbrake. But you must keep in mind that while applying it, you use it slowly. Otherwise, your vehicle will slip on the road, which can cause you a big loss.

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