DMRC: Is making reels prohibited in Delhi Metro?

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has become weary of seeing individuals using the metro as a set for their films. The DMRC warned passengers to avoid using cameras and reels in an entertaining yet severe message. It appears that the message hasn’t yet sunk in, though.

A Trend Gone Too Far

Social media has been flooded with widely circulated videos in recent weeks, depicting metro riders engaging in activities such as dancing, playing out scenarios, and participating in other actions that should ideally be kept private. The consequence? The Delhi Metro has seemingly transformed into a bustling Bollywood extravaganza, lacking both coordination and consideration for fellow riders.

One particular video showcased a young woman dancing to the catchy beats of “Assalam-e-Ishqum” inside a metro coach. We all enjoy a good dance number but in the cramped space of a crowded tube car? That raises the bar for audacity tremendously.

In another controversial video, a young couple chose to declare their love for one another in a passionate kiss inside a metro coach. Even though there are no restrictions on love, they shouldn’t have reserved their passionate display for a more private occasion. The metro is for getting to and from work, not for making out in public. Please reserve the romantic moments for a more private setting.

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Is making reels prohibited in Delhi Metro?

DMRC Marks the Boundary. They have made it clear that such acts are explicitly prohibited since it is sick of the reel craziness. Even Section 59 of their Operations and Maintenance Act lists them as offenses that are punishable. It’s a severe warning to individuals who appear to believe the subway is their own little movie set or romantic haven.

In order to take the proper measures, the DMRC encouraged passengers to report comparable events to metro workers or the CISF. Making sure that people who disrespect the ease and comfort of others suffer the repercussions is a positive step in the right direction. It’s important to show consideration for other commuters, and everyone deserves a smooth journey.

Making reels in the metro is strictly prohibited, the DMRC stated in a tweet. They posted, “Johnny Johnny!,” creatively reworking a well-known nursery rhyme. Okay, Papa? producing reels in the city? NO, PAPA. Oh, the brilliant idea of using a song from when you were little to convey a subtly offensive metro activity.

Unsurprisingly, users praised the DMRC’s wit and humor as this alert soon went viral on social media. In fact, one passenger said, “Not simply the quality of service of the Delhi Metro, even the humor is remarkable.” Who knew a metro alert could make us laugh so hard?

So let’s heed the DMRC’s astute caution and prevent unauthorized filming in the metros. Nobody wants to get caught by Papa when creating reels on the tube, after all!

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